2016 Projects!


I have exciting news! Our house, along with at least 3-4 others, will be on the Northeast Kansas City Historical Society Homes Tour this fall!

That's a rather holey wall there

That’s a rather holey wall there

NEKCHS truly represents ALL of Historic Northeast Kansas City – and this year they are focusing on Lykins. And while I listened to them reassure us, “Don’t worry about it being perfect, just open the doors and we will do the rest,” I couldn’t help but think of a multitude of projects we needed to finish in time for the tour.



I was so excited that I sat down and made these lace and burlap curtains for the main level bathroom.


They were sorely needed, believe me, and compliment the hand towels I had the other day with the same lace.


You know those “bath towels” which aren’t really bath towels that actually fit around your body unless you are a career anorexic or a child under 75 pounds in weight? I took one of them, cut it into three sections and made hand towels from it!


And isn’t this the prettiest lace? I had a whole bunch of it, but with three hand towels and four curtain panels, there isn’t much left now.

The back bedroom closet door after removing the moulding prior to wall demo

The back bedroom closet door after removing the moulding prior to wall demo

And upon returning home after the meeting, I made a list:

  • Finish painting hall downstairs and extend into upstairs
  • Clean, paint, re-wire and hang old light fixture in front hall
  • Widen front porch stairs
  • Print old newspaper stories and excerpts and put on boards on easels on the front porch
  • Fix stair banister piece DONE (Dave took care of this right away!)
  • Install portiere curtains in front parlor and upstairs library
  • Clean stairs and upstairs hallway carpet?
  • Hang pictures in front parlor
  • Eliminate clutter on the porch in order to use both front doors for incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Re-upholster old couch?  The couch is in the attic, I’ll work on it AFTER the tour!

And of course, we have our regular projects going on. These include continuing to work on tuckpointing inside the basement. We have begun work on the really bad wall – the north wall of the “dungeon.”

The back bedroom of The Cottage ready for demo

The back bedroom of The Cottage ready for demo

Also, although we cannot find financing for the renovation of the Cottage, we have begun demo’ing the interior walls so we can wire the house properly. We will take this on a room by room basis. We have the electrical wire we need, along with all of the electrical boxes, outlets and switches. Once we have power outlets upstairs, we can set in a window a/c unit to keep us cool during the summer as we continue to demo the walls and do what we can for a small amount of money and large amount of sweat!

My newest book - a sci-fi/dystopian novel now available on Amazon

My newest book – a sci-fi/dystopian novel now available on Amazon

Danielle and I are building the cleaning biz up, and when fall arrives and her classes begin, I’ll take over the clients she can’t work around her school schedule.

I’ve begun work again on the van, but it is limited due to my writing and marketing projects. My first science fiction book, Gliese 581: Departure is out and available on Kindle, and should be available soon in paperback as well. I’m busy marketing that while I flip back and forth from writing a non-fiction book and working on the beginning of a 12-13 book fantasy series.

I’ve got a busy life, but I do enjoy it!

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