A Bathing Retreat


I can’t believe it took me 3 1/2 years to discover how perfect the main level bathroom is.

In fact, it took us working on The Cottage and my husband asking, “Hey, why don’t we use this bathtub down here as well?” You know, instead of all three of us having to take the upstairs one in turns.

He took a bath in the main level bathroom and said afterward, “That’s actually a really nice bathtub.”


We have two bathrooms in this house and neither of them has a shower. Many would find this inconvenient. My eldest certainly does. She tried to campaign for a shower to be put into one of them and was promptly shot down by my husband.

Dave grew up in a house in San Francisco that had one bathroom, with a clawfoot tub and no shower adapter. And it is what he is used to. I was raised with showers. After a lifetime of that, I have to admit, it was odd to transition to bathtubs only, but I really enjoy it now.

It forces me to slow down, something I would not do if I had a shower available to me.

In any case, later on the same day, Dave and I did another round of work on The Cottage and he “voluntold” me to use the main level bathroom.

As I relaxed in the smaller bathtub I realized I had been preparing this bathroom for years. I’ve made curtains, hand towels and more. This bathroom actually has theme colors!

The upstairs bathroom is narrow and crowded. The main level bathroom is on the small side, but it is a lot roomier than the upstairs bath.

In the main level bath, the cast iron tub sits in an alcove of sorts, a place I had already hung sheer curtains from, with a cabinet nearby, ready to store all of my toiletry needs.


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get a second set of toothbrushes and toothpaste and put them in the main level bathroom for better access and convenience.

I need to get some hooks to hold my towel, wash cloth and robe. I also need to finish painting the mandala I have started on this little table we rescued from The Cottage and I repainted.


I’m claiming this main level oasis for myself. I feel like a queen!

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  1. That bathroom is almost like a secret, tucked away under the stairs!

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