A Wheelbarrow Full


Tomatoes, Tomatoes…Salsa!!!!

It is that time again, folks. Time for a parade of green tomatoes to emerge from our garden!


On Saturday, while I was teaching back-to-back Zentangle classes inside, my husband waded into the jungle of tomato plants and began harvesting.


Red ones, green ones, and all the colors in between.

It’s time to put the garden to bed for the winter and that entails discovering all of the harvest bounties that has been hidden from us as the garden devolved into a full-on jungle.

I swear to you, I hear drums and tribal hoots every time I step outside and go near that monstrosity.


Sunday was filled with errands, a meeting for Dave, and other sundry tasks. We were not able to start on the salsa verde until nearly six that evening.

Dave filled a large bowl with green tomatoes of all sizes and we filled a sink full of water and got to work. We decided early on to simply puree them and the other ingredients in the food processor because I was hoping for a less chunky salsa, one that could be used for more than just dip and chips.


We processed over 21 cups worth for the first triple batch, and then processed another 21 cups worth of tomatoes that we placed in gallon baggies in the freezer to make into salsa verde at a later time. There is still at least one more triple batch’s worth in the wheelbarrow…and then there is the REST of the garden.

We added cilantro, cumin, salt, lemon juice, pepper, and fresh oregano – coupled with pureed jalapenos (thank you Athena!) and freshly minced garlic and kept it at a slow boil for a while. I added some Better Than Bouillon as well, for added flavor (you should have seen the look of horror on my husband’s face!).


And we had been using two burners to heat the water in the enormous canning pan in order to sterilize the jars. We ended up with sixteen pints!

Working together it took us less than two hours from start to finish.


Someone put this on Facebook. I’m in love. I totally want to do it to the tub in the downstairs bathroom!


And Speaking of Projects…

Before and then after canning, I began working on this…


I purchased the shirt at Savers, a local thrift store where we buy most of our clothing. Why pay $30 for a shirt when you can get it for $3.99?


In any case, this shirt is 100% cotton, which is great for working with because it doesn’t have any give. Stretchy fabric is difficult! I’m using a Permawriter pen which will hold up quite well to repeated washings, no other prep is necessary on it.


This is the second shirt I have worked on. I hope to work on a pair of jeans next, Dee’s work on her pair of jeans has me jonesing for a pair of my own! (I will post pictures of her work in progress in a separate post)

I plan to cover the entire shirt with designs, so this will take a while. I may wear it “in progress” kind of like I drive my van around “in progress.” I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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