And She Danced…

This weekend was devoted first to neighborhood obligations – my husband is the president of the neighborhood association and was slinging hot dogs for the masses on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I was at a chiropractor doing my best to deal with the constant pain I have been in. My lower back has a cluster of muscles that is pretty much constantly spasming. Combine that with plantar fasciitis in my right foot and I feel pretty much useless at times.

The rest of the day was filled with the basic minutiae of living – laundry, chores, and more. And on Saturday we woke to rain and the low growl of thunder.

No brick moving for us.

Instead, we threw ourselves into more work inside our house. I now have my office in the smallest room in the house. This room was probably a nursery or sewing room at one time.

Dave had his office in it originally, but moved to the front bedroom, right next door. And while my office has always been located in the library, I decided it was time to devote just a few more square feet of space to exercise and health.

So now my old office is our new workout room. I can’t wait to get a smart tv and mount it on the wall. That or a projector, since I’ve got a laptop I can use while exercising at the treadmill.

Solar Eclipse

Yesterday, however, was very special. My husband had asked for the day off of work months ago. I wrote a note for Em’s school on Friday letting them know she would not be attending on Monday.

This feels very “Night of the Comet” for me (which I cannot tell you how many umpteen times I watched as a teen). Thankfully we escaped with our vision intact and did not become piles of red dust or find ourselves with cannabilistic tendencies. At least, not yet!

Instead, we all piled into the car and drove to Columbia – a place I was sure, after carefully checking the hourly projections for three different cities within range, would have the least cloud cover and the best show.

An “eclipse” rock we found at the park

We planted ourselves at Flat Branch Brewery, where just yards away was this lovely little park with a creek running through it. Emily played in the creek for over an hour before we headed back up and ate lunch while watching as the sun was slowly consumed by the moon.

Dad really seemed to like the trip. He was only annoying a handful of times, which might be a record for him.

As it neared totality, I took Em’s hand and we walked to the park, lay down on the damp grass and watched as the moon slid in front of the sun. A ring of yellow-white fire surrounded it and I could see a corona jet out from the right side of the moon, the sun fiercely declaring it would not tolerate being obscured for long.

Emily danced around me and then we both looked at each other and I said, “Come on, let’s go find Daddy!” We met him just steps away from the park because he had the same idea.

The creek at the nearby park. I love creeks. I remember taking Dee to one in San Jose when she was a few years younger than that.

It was a magical, mystical experience. Side by side, we hugged and watched as the sun reappeared.

Em loved the creek.

I have seen one other eclipse, 40 years ago, on the side of a highway in Oregon. I was seven and grumpy from a long car ride. We also didn’t have the super-cool glasses that we did Monday.

Yesterday was…perfect. I spent it with the people I love, who love me back, and it was a truly life-changing event.

It will stick in my memory for a very long time.


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