Anyone Have a Goat We Could Borrow?


We are still waiting to hear about whether or not we will get the “old lady house” – a two bedroom, one bath bungalow at the end of our five city lots.

I really do need to come up with a better name for the place.

In any case, the backyard is completely overgrown … with poison ivy.

I was reading here: that goats love poison ivy.

So here I am thinking of this ridiculously overgrown yard we might be getting soon (and it is my husband’s fault for mentioning it in the first place, but) and thinking that we just need to borrow a goat. It isn’t a large yard, but it is absolutely covered in the stuff.

And since we will be coming and going by the back door at first, right through the overgrown mess, what better, less poisonous solution could there be?

So … does anyone have a goat we could borrow?!

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One Response to Anyone Have a Goat We Could Borrow?

  1. CrankyPuppy says:

    We need one too for those vacant lots we just bought. That hillside is going to be fun. Maybe we need to consider expanding our “urban farming” to include some mini goats. How cute!

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