Art and Privacy

A few years back we had several windows replaced in our house. The goal is to replace the rest of the windows (except for the stained glass window at the bottom of the stairs) with energy-efficient windows.

And yes, I’ve heard the arguments for keeping the older windows, but really, for us the vinyl replacement windows will work best for our needs.

In any case, I asked the workers to please remove them carefully, that I wanted to keep them for art projects.

I bought a ton of the flat glass beads and I had already completed a couple of projects that give us privacy yet also allow light in and provide some art for us to enjoy.

And I created this particular piece with the intention of hanging them outside on the Cottage West front porch, but that’s a lot of exposure to the elements and we do live in a neighborhood in transition. I could see someone either stealing these or breaking them, neither of which I want to see happen.

We have a window in the bathroom at the end of our bathtub. It allows in light, which I love, but then there is the issue of privacy when one is bathing. And the other day, while organizing the Art room, I ran across the window I had done and realized it was perfect!

Upstairs, into the bathroom window it went. I’m locating the proper eye hooks,¬†chain and more to hang it properly soon. I think it is perfect for the space¬†it is in! It gives us privacy and art. I might need to do this in more windows!

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