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When I Die…

I’ve spent a good part of my life being terrified of death. And honestly, I think that is a healthy attitude to take. I’m not jumping out of planes, plunging off bridges attached to bungees, and I take conservative risks. … Continue reading

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My Next Refrigerator Will Be Dumb and Non-Magical

Around eighteen months ago, the refrigerator that came with the house began to die. In truth, it had been dying for a year or more before that, but it was finally becoming too much. And as usually happens, the end … Continue reading

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Waste Not…

If you are an Amazon junkie like me, then your house is awash with cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes. I toss most of them into the recycle container, but recently, I have used them for another purpose… Weed … Continue reading

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Be a Better Person Than This

I rarely get into Facebook fights. I rarely get into fights at all. Partly because I’m a big-hearted overly emotional wimp, but also because it really messes me up for DAYS afterward. I would as soon someone go around and … Continue reading

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Spinning Plates and Self-Care

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about choosing direct primary care. I promised you an update and here it is… Direct Primary Care – I Love It Having met twice with my new doctor, the owner and operator of … Continue reading

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Hard Water and Soap Scum on Your Shower Walls?

For those of you who don’t know, I clean houses about four days per week. Just a cleaning a day. It pays the bills, I get some good exercise in, and most of them are just a few minutes away … Continue reading

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Financial Tip #2 – Get a Better Interest Rate With This Savings Account

Remember When… I remember back in the 80s when you could actually MAKE a decent interest rate on your savings account. Not that I had any money I could put into savings then. I was poorer than a church mouse … Continue reading

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Financial Tip #1 – Uninsured? Try These!

I think I will start a series of financial tips. These have worked out well for me and mine, and perhaps they can help you as well. I’ll post them as I think of them. Uninsured? You Are Not Alone … Continue reading

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I’ve Lost My Lease on My Rented Mule (and other stories)

I have mentioned it before, but when my husband was downsized, I gave him “the look” and told him I planned to work him like a rented mule until he had a new job. True to form, I have done … Continue reading

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Rented Mules

When Dave arrived home earlier than expected nine days ago, I took one look at his face and panicked. “I was downsized,” he said. This was less than optimal, but at least the timing was good. My income has risen … Continue reading

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