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Each Step Moves Us Forward

The balancing act continues, dear readers. Each week we balance caring for my dad, the typical house/home stuff, tending to the acre of land we are now responsible for, and tackling the projects that will move forward our renovation projects. … Continue reading

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And She Danced…

This weekend was devoted first to neighborhood obligations – my husband is the president of the neighborhood association and was slinging hot dogs for the masses on Saturday. Meanwhile, I was at a chiropractor doing my best to deal with … Continue reading

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Monumental Progress!

“It’s time we started worrying about demo’ing the brick wall on Cottage East,” I said to Dave yesterday. The task seemed monumental and, let’s face it, downright intimidating. We had to remove half of the west wall (the other half … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jungle

As I drove down to 12th Street today, I passed a familiar face, the codes inspection guy for our area. He was busy photographing a vacant house that keeps getting broken into. And I was both happy to see him … Continue reading

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Yet Another Step Closer

The universe has a way of working itself out. I had a cleaning this morning and my body is still recovering from the weekend’s work. My client rescheduled to Wednesday and I couldn’t be more relieved. A day to recover … Continue reading

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Progress…Forward March!

Despite our descent into the dog days of summer, we are making progress on our plans for the yard and properties. Each weekend is full of work, sweat, and more sweat. Take a look… Building That Fence With the Airstream … Continue reading

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Our Properties at Present

I was looking up an old photo of how Cottage West looked back when we first bought it. To say that there have been a few changes since then is an understatement. It made me realize just how much we … Continue reading

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My Inner Writer Geek Has Been Unleashed!

A couple of weekends ago, I went to an estate sale. A former cleaning client is moving to California and selling an enormous amount of their belongings. Among the cool collectibles? A manual Underwood typewriter. And I got it, of … Continue reading

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A Four-Day Weekend Means…

Boy oh boy, have we been busy little bees! Around here, the news that my husband would have four days off from work translated to “Amazing loads of sweat and backbreaking labor in both of our futures.” There is, after … Continue reading

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Ah…Acrimony…How I Have NOT Missed You

I deal with others plainly – up front, honest – and I expect the same. It doesn’t always happen, my approach is not always responded to in kind and I have long said, “That’s their problem, not mine.” As I … Continue reading

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