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Phase One – Well Begun is Half Done

We took advantage of the pleasant temps on Sunday morning and knocked a portion of Phase One of our fence building out of the way. Three post holes were dug and the two seven foot portions of fence were assembled. … Continue reading

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Three Phases of Fence-Building

The delivery from Home Depot arrives on Wednesday, the 4th – and thus the final three phases of fence building across the back of our property has begun! I am very excited about this. Folks merrily walking through our yard … Continue reading

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If You Give Christine A Brick…

Most of my parenting friends will get that reference. There are a series of children’s books out there, the first one was calledĀ If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. It takes the reader on an adventure. And I really think … Continue reading

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Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

It started with an email from Greenability magazine. “Save $3,000 on a 2018 Nissan Leaf if you are a KCP&L customer.” And that got my attention. I mean, heck, $3,000 is a LOT of money. So I did a little … Continue reading

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If You Could See What I See

I wish that, for just a moment, you could see what I see. Perhaps my words and the photos will be enough. This morning we headed out at just past seven to begin mowing. Well, Dave mowed and I was … Continue reading

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Elderflower Cordial

When we moved into our home here in Historic Northeast, we noticed there were some healthy elderberry bushes growing. A naturalized plant to the area, cultivating an elderberry is as simple as planting it and walking away. Years ago, we … Continue reading

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Vacuums That Last

My last post was about my visit to a great bargain store, so in that same vein, I’d like to talk about the best vacuum to buy. It might not be sexy, but I hope you will listen to me. … Continue reading

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Bargain Hunting in the Kansas City Metro

Several years ago, I discovered the Dented Can Outlet. It was close, on Troost near Linwood, and I scored some amazing deals there. Sadly, they closed, and I’ve been pining for cool food bargains ever since. Well, I found one, … Continue reading

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A Brick Firepit!

A few weeks ago I headed back to my primary care doc. I have decided to remain without the typical health insurance and simply pay for direct primary care. I like my doctor a lot, she’s young, has a great … Continue reading

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Art and Privacy

A few years back we had several windows replaced in our house. The goal is to replace the rest of the windows (except for the stained glass window at the bottom of the stairs) with energy-efficient windows. And yes, I’ve … Continue reading

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