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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I’m a list-maker, a goal-setter, and the financial wizard of our little family. And boy oh boy, do I have plans for our properties, now four in total. They go something like this: Maintain and increase a solid savings account for … Continue reading

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No State Sales Taxes on Energy Star through 4/25

Get it while the getting is good… I just purchased an upright Frigidaire freezer with free delivery and no state sales tax on Energy Star rated appliances. I saved a pretty penny on it and I’m looking forward to it … Continue reading

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Plans and Reality

I can’t help it, each spring I get so excited about gardening. I make giant, insane plans, buy (and plant) a ton of plants, and then reality intrudes. It’s a BIG yard. And it gets really hot here in the … Continue reading

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Bidet…Who? Bidet Me!

It’s my husband’s fault. Which reminds me of the joke… If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong? The answer is, of course, “yes.” Actually, my husband is … Continue reading

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Meanderings, Musings, and More

Hi There! Did you miss me? I missed me, believe me, I did. Three Plagues Upon My House It all began in the last days of 2017, the last healthy days before a season of sickness. Seriously, I got sick … Continue reading

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Financial Lessons to Take to Heart

Having declared full Chapter 7 bankruptcy over seven years ago, I am hesitant to give financial advice. I mean hell, what do I know? I messed up BAD, after all. It was a hell of a lesson, but one that … Continue reading

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Looking Back and Looking Forward – A Year in Review

With just a week left in 2017, I’ve taken a break from formatting and marketing to reflect back on 2017 and also to look forward at what 2018 has in store for us… Loss and Gain There have been some … Continue reading

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Art, Tacos and More

Arts Alley Then Tacos The hubs and I slipped out to Mission Taco Joint at Crossroads for a bite to eat. It was the first time we had been, but it sure won’t be the last. The Mango Hop-Anero Shrimp … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cake for the WIN!

Last Thursday was my mother’s 70th birthday and I was booked solid with cleanings and errands. Knowing this in advance, and also knowing how difficult it can be to connect with her, I sent her an email… I’ve got a … Continue reading

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The 6th Annual NEKCHS Homes Tour

I meant to post this a month ago, I truly did. And then I began to feel bad that I only saw four of the locations. “How can I post pictures of the tour with only four of the stops? … Continue reading

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