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I’ve Lost My Lease on My Rented Mule (and other stories)

I have mentioned it before, but when my husband was downsized, I gave him “the look” and told him I planned to work him like a rented mule until he had a new job. True to form, I have done … Continue reading

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Rented Mules

When Dave arrived home earlier than expected nine days ago, I took one look at his face and panicked. “I was downsized,” he said. This was less than optimal, but at least the timing was good. My income has risen … Continue reading

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Terraforming – Here on Earth, and on Mars

I’m taking notes right now for Gliese 581: Zarmina’s World, which is a sequel to Gliese 581: Departure. Some of those notes include one of the sub-stories – the colony on Mars – and their efforts to terraform the red … Continue reading

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High Hopes and Fingers Crossed

High Hopes and Fingers Crossed The weather is absolutely beautiful, isn’t it?! I have spent a good deal of the past four days outside gardening. We’ve cleared parts of the yard, burned brush, planted seeds, and finished installing the rest … Continue reading

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Spring Has Finally Sprung!

With the warmer weather comes all sorts of interesting (and sometimes annoying) folks. Take the turds who did this to The Cottage sometime on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning… And a close up… Ugh. So we painted over it, … Continue reading

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This Weekend’s Work

Saturday… Bring on the Army! The visit from the city earlier in the week lit a fire under my butt. So I called on some of those priority fixes… Stabilize The Cottage by finishing the south back wall with siding … Continue reading

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The Multi-Generational Family

Within seconds of waking up this morning, before my eyes had fully focused in the gloom, I was hit with yet another epiphany. All of my life I’ve dreamed of what it would be like to have a multi-generational family … Continue reading

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Bathtub Epiphanies

All it took was lukewarm water to cement the idea in my head. Well, that and a stolen wheelbarrow. I’ll explain. On Saturday, the weather was fantastic, and I was eager to get back out in the yard and get … Continue reading

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My New Life

I’ve been pretty quiet, but that is because I’m getting used to this new life – one in which I’m the primary caregiver to my dad. It takes up most of my days, between multiple home health visits, to doctor’s … Continue reading

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I Just Call It Nesting

A friend asked me the other day what I was doing for self-care. The answer is a little odd, but, in times of stress, I tend to nest. I guess I wouldn’t consider it self-care, because I’m inevitably moving heavy … Continue reading

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