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Our Properties at Present

I was looking up an old photo of how Cottage West looked back when we first bought it. To say that there have been a few changes since then is an understatement. It made me realize just how much we … Continue reading

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My Inner Writer Geek Has Been Unleashed!

A couple of weekends ago, I went to an estate sale. A former cleaning client is moving to California and selling an enormous amount of their belongings. Among the cool collectibles? A manual Underwood typewriter. And I got it, of … Continue reading

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A Four-Day Weekend Means…

Boy oh boy, have we been busy little bees! Around here, the news that my husband would have four days off from work translated to “Amazing loads of sweat and backbreaking labor in both of our futures.” There is, after … Continue reading

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Ah…Acrimony…How I Have NOT Missed You

I deal with others plainly – up front, honest – and I expect the same. It doesn’t always happen, my approach is not always responded to in kind and I have long said, “That’s their problem, not mine.” As I … Continue reading

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20 Minutes a Day

I tend to see the big picture – and plan big as well. But then the little things trip me up. Recently that has been lots of land and LOTS of weeds sprouting up. Kind of…everywhere. Combine that with my … Continue reading

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Land Rush in the ‘Hood

I am very excited to announce that we have purchased yet another contiguous property here in our little corner of the ‘hood. A 1,300 square foot three bedroom, one bath house built circa 1895 to the east of us. In … Continue reading

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When I Die…

I’ve spent a good part of my life being terrified of death. And honestly, I think that is a healthy attitude to take. I’m not jumping out of planes, plunging off bridges attached to bungees, and I take conservative risks. … Continue reading

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My Next Refrigerator Will Be Dumb and Non-Magical

Around eighteen months ago, the refrigerator that came with the house began to die. In truth, it had been dying for a year or more before that, but it was finally becoming too much. And as usually happens, the end … Continue reading

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Waste Not…

If you are an Amazon junkie like me, then your house is awash with cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes. I toss most of them into the recycle container, but recently, I have used them for another purpose… Weed … Continue reading

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Be a Better Person Than This

I rarely get into Facebook fights. I rarely get into fights at all. Partly because I’m a big-hearted overly emotional wimp, but also because it really messes me up for DAYS afterward. I would as soon someone go around and … Continue reading

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