Bargain Hunting in the Kansas City Metro

Several years ago, I discovered the Dented Can Outlet. It was close, on Troost near Linwood, and I scored some amazing deals there. Sadly, they closed, and I’ve been pining for cool food bargains ever since.

Well, I found one, and it is a doozy!

Located in Grandview, right off of the 140th Street exit and Hwy 71 (aka Hwy 49), Discount Groceries & More has plenty of bargains!

Check out my haul, all of this for a total price of just $56.37!

Four bottles of Frozen conditioning shampoo along with four bottles Barbie detangler – all of them were 25 cents each! Also some Boboli pizza sauce for $1.29 (to go with the Boboli pizza crusts I bought last visit for just $1.00 each) and two 79 cent cake mixes

The last time I was at this store was the Friday before Memorial Day. It was a rather eventful visit. The cashier who was checking me out was fine when I started checking out and slowly declined, moving slower and slower and slower.

Granola bars, arborio rice, sausage links, lime curd, and one of the two round lip balms. The lip balms, originally $3.99 were marked down to 50 cents each.

I offered to help her bag and asked if she could hand me more bags. She turned away, bent over against an empty checking station and stopped responding or moving.

I tried to talk to her, walked over and touched her shoulder, and then called for help.

Some snack size bags of TGI Friday’s potato skins (three for $1), two tubs of Bacon Rub (two for $1.00), four more of Peet’s Coffee, Thai Basil stir fry sauce, tartar sauce, flossers, a gourmet mint and dark chocolate bar, some tasty Cocoa Loco bars, and a box of 20 count Old El Paso mini taco boats.

From the looks of it, she probably was hypoglycemic. The manager, another checker, a customer and me got her to sit down on a cart and by the time I was leaving the EMTs and the fire department had pulled up.

The first book was 50 cents, the rest were 50% off of the marked prices which ranged between $1.39 and $2.39. The books are all for Em. The Lightning Thief is in graphic novel form, Em’s favorite way of reading books.

An off-duty policeman had gotten into the fray as well, asking her quite sternly if she had been drinking alcohol. I tried to not glare at him and his lack of helpfulness, she was quite obviously not drunk.

In any case, I asked about her and the checker smiled and told me she was fine and that no one was sure what had happened but it probably was a hypoglycemic attack.

And now my collection of Peet’s coffee in our new freezer is rather daunting…Twelve bags in the freezer and I’ve just started into one of the medium roast bags. The bags in the “expired foods” section are just $3.59 as opposed to being $5.99. Considering the coffee sells for over $8 normally, that’s a steal! At the checkout, the woman in front of me had found several whole bean bags of the Peet’s for just $1.99. I’ll be keeping an eye out for those next time I go!

This is a great store to check out. They have fresh produce, cheeses, and meats. Shoes, toiletries, auto supplies, DVDs, clothing. Not everything is discounted, so price compare, and head towards the expired foods section first. That’s where you will find the best deals!

I brought my own bags. Despite using the plastic grocery bags for diapers as well as at my cleanings, I’m swamped with them lately, so I brought my own and the clerk seemed quite appreciative.

The woman in front of me told us about a $6 per bag thrift store that I will be checking out when I’m down south again in a couple of weeks. I will report back on my findings then!

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