Bring On the Roses!

After losing my shirt…well, $140…on plants from USA Nursery (NEVER EVER USE THEM!!!!), I’ve been a little more cautious about where I spend my money.

I wanted quality plants, but for a reasonable price. And my problems with folks walking through our yard, while massively reduced from when we first moved here four years ago, is still a problem.

The border, and my desire for more plants, are intrinsically connected.

I just received my favorite plant catalog. It isn’t fancy, it doesn’t even have color photos, but what it does have is decent prices, heirloom plants, and a good reputation.

I have bought all of the fruit trees I have planted in the last eight years from Fedco Trees. But they don’t just sell trees, they also have roses, strawberries, and more.

Today, the roses caught my eye and I realized immediately that they were the perfect answer to my woes. For one, they are beautiful and smell great. For two, when planted at the base of say a window, or along the border of a yard you want folks to stop walking into, they are kind of perfect.

Guaranteed to scratch the crap out of intruders, they are a pretty, nice-smelling way of keeping folks out of places they should not be.

And I’m a fan of being nice, when possible, yet firm.

So I’m perusing the list of offerings from Fedco and I am picking out all of the rosebushes that grow tall and wide – Rosa Rugosa is at the top of the list for thorny wonderfulness, and at $16.50 for a bundle of five, it will be the basis of our living fence.

Rosa Rugosa grows four feet high and spreads to six feet wide. For maximum coverage, I think I will plant these just four feet apart along the back of the Cottage West. That should provide an excellent wall of blooms that deters folks from entering the backyard within the next year or two.

I’ll probably purchase two bundles, so that I can alternate Rosa Rugosa with other cultivars, since Fedco has eight more varieties to choose from:

  • Maiden’s Blush
  • Maxima (also known as Jacobite Rose)
  • Baiset Sunrise Sunset
  • Cinnamon Rose (smells faintly of cinnamon and cloves)
  • Alain Blanchard
  • Tuscany
  • Dart’s Dash (an old-fashioned rose)
  • Linda Campbell (an old-fashioned rose)

Of that list, only the Baiset Sunrise Sunset and Tuscany are roses that I would not plant along a wall or property border. They are both a mere two feet by three feet – and I want the big ‘uns that grow to four or five feet tall by six to eight feet in width.

So, one of each the big cultivars plus two bundles of Rosa Rugosa for just under $140 before shipping.

Bring on the roses!

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