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More Brick-Laying

Soon it will be more than just nippy in the morning. Then winter will descend upon us and I’ll be focused on the inside projects. Until then… Brick Moving = Brick Laying I have nearly moved all of the brick … Continue reading

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Bricks So Many Bricks

Truly Backbreaking Work My love of bricks began when we moved here over four and a half years ago. A beautiful old brick house┬áneeds brick pathways. And with five lots, I had plenty of room to lay down a few … Continue reading

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Each Step Moves Us Forward

The balancing act continues, dear readers. Each week we balance caring for my dad, the typical house/home stuff, tending to the acre of land we are now responsible for, and tackling the projects that will move forward our renovation projects. … Continue reading

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Monumental Progress!

“It’s time we started worrying about demo’ing the brick wall on Cottage East,” I said to Dave yesterday. The task seemed monumental and, let’s face it, downright intimidating. We had to remove half of the west wall (the other half … Continue reading

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Land Rush in the ‘Hood

I am very excited to announce that we have purchased yet another contiguous property here in our little corner of the ‘hood. A 1,300 square foot three bedroom, one bath house built circa 1895 to the east of us. In … Continue reading

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Rented Mules

When Dave arrived home earlier than expected nine days ago, I took one look at his face and panicked. “I was downsized,” he said. This was less than optimal, but at least the timing was good. My income has risen … Continue reading

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Bathtub Epiphanies

All it took was lukewarm water to cement the idea in my head. Well, that and a stolen wheelbarrow. I’ll explain. On Saturday, the weather was fantastic, and I was eager to get back out in the yard and get … Continue reading

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Since I Can’t Afford Custom Clothing

For years I’ve dreamed of being able to afford custom, handcrafted clothing. And despite my many and varied skills, sewing is NOT in my wheelhouse. A hem or two, but that’s it. So I have pined for the artsy fartsy … Continue reading

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Hey, Let’s Build a Fence!

I have dreamed of enclosing this property with a nice tall privacy fence ever since I moved here. Having the last lot that wasn’t ours be used as a thoroughfare for folks taking a shortcut from one block to the … Continue reading

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Drink This!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! I woke up today at 6 a.m. and immediately headed to the kitchen to get the Caramel Pecan Cinnamon rolls ready and baking. We have just a few minutes to go until we get to enjoy … Continue reading

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