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Making a List of “To Do’s”

It might be in the 90s outside, but you and I both know that won’t last for long. It’s time to start planning for fall. We worked hard in the yard today and Dave got all of the mowing done … Continue reading

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Perennial Succulents and The Back Fence is DONE!

Oh, happy days, my loyal readers! I am pleased to finally announce that the back perimeter of our properties has been fully secured. D’Oh! But first, a little pie in face. We went out this morning, bright and early, and … Continue reading

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Planning for Next Year…NOW

Future Fence Planning So I’ve shown you a few of the images of my perfect fence when it was still underway. Now let me show you it up close, along with another fence design. We went for a drive on … Continue reading

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If You Could See What I See

I wish that, for just a moment, you could see what I see. Perhaps my words and the photos will be enough. This morning we headed out at just past seven to begin mowing. Well, Dave mowed and I was … Continue reading

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A Brick Firepit!

A few weeks ago I headed back to my primary care doc. I have decided to remain without the typical health insurance and simply pay for direct primary care. I like my doctor a lot, she’s young, has a great … Continue reading

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Plans and Reality

I can’t help it, each spring I get so excited about gardening. I make giant, insane plans, buy (and plant) a ton of plants, and then reality intrudes. It’s a BIG yard. And it gets really hot here in the … Continue reading

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Meanderings, Musings, and More

Hi There! Did you miss me? I missed me, believe me, I did. Three Plagues Upon My House It all began in the last days of 2017, the last healthy days before a season of sickness. Seriously, I got sick … Continue reading

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Bring On the Roses!

After losing my shirt…well, $140…on plants from USA Nursery (NEVER EVER USE THEM!!!!), I’ve been a little more cautious about where I spend my money. I wanted quality plants, but for a reasonable price. And my problems with folks walking … Continue reading

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More Brick-Laying

Soon it will be more than just nippy in the morning. Then winter will descend upon us and I’ll be focused on the inside projects. Until then… Brick Moving = Brick Laying I have nearly moved all of the brick … Continue reading

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Bricks So Many Bricks

Truly Backbreaking Work My love of bricks began when we moved here over four and a half years ago. A beautiful old brick house┬áneeds brick pathways. And with five lots, I had plenty of room to lay down a few … Continue reading

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