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Making a List of “To Do’s”

It might be in the 90s outside, but you and I both know that won’t last for long. It’s time to start planning for fall. We worked hard in the yard today and Dave got all of the mowing done … Continue reading

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Perennial Succulents and The Back Fence is DONE!

Oh, happy days, my loyal readers! I am pleased to finally announce that the back perimeter of our properties has been fully secured. D’Oh! But first, a little pie in face. We went out this morning, bright and early, and … Continue reading

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Fences, Elderberries, and a Migraine

Migraines Suck Have I mentioned my amazing husband recently? Or my amazing daughter? If not, then let me take a moment to tell you about them. Today I was felled by a stress-induced migraine. I get them so very rarely … Continue reading

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Planning for Next Year…NOW

Future Fence Planning So I’ve shown you a few of the images of my perfect fence when it was still underway. Now let me show you it up close, along with another fence design. We went for a drive on … Continue reading

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Nearly There!

Fences Make ME a Better Neighbor Wow zow! Our fence project has really come along. Click here to see a short video tour of our progress. A morning out in yard produced some great results today. While I worked on … Continue reading

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Fences, Electronics and LESS Debt!

I’m so looking forward to having our back fence done. We have made significant progress in the past two weeks – nearly all of the 4×4 posts, as well as most of the pickets, are in place. Today we rented … Continue reading

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Three Phases of Fence-Building

The delivery from Home Depot arrives on Wednesday, the 4th – and thus the final three phases of fence building across the back of our property has begun! I am very excited about this. Folks merrily walking through our yard … Continue reading

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Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

It started with an email from Greenability magazine. “Save $3,000 on a 2018 Nissan Leaf if you are a KCP&L customer.” And that got my attention. I mean, heck, $3,000 is a LOT of money. So I did a little … Continue reading

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If You Could See What I See

I wish that, for just a moment, you could see what I see. Perhaps my words and the photos will be enough. This morning we headed out at just past seven to begin mowing. Well, Dave mowed and I was … Continue reading

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Plateaus and Planetesimals

Plateaus… You remember how I mentioned (at least once or twice) my weight loss goals? Well, I hit a plateau. One that saw a weight gain of three pounds before slowly creeping back down. I have no one to blame … Continue reading

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