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When I Die…

I’ve spent a good part of my life being terrified of death. And honestly, I think that is a healthy attitude to take. I’m not jumping out of planes, plunging off bridges attached to bungees, and I take conservative risks. … Continue reading

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Hard Water and Soap Scum on Your Shower Walls?

For those of you who don’t know, I clean houses about four days per week. Just a cleaning a day. It pays the bills, I get some good exercise in, and most of them are just a few minutes away … Continue reading

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Growing Up in a Disposable Society

These days, I kind of live on Craig’s List. If I’m not haunting the free section of Craig’s List, I’m scouring the antiques section or doing searches for buffets, dressers and more that might be remade into a serviceable kitchen island/breakfast … Continue reading

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Work on The Cottage, Lasagna Gardening and More

Work on The Cottage We had a productive couple of days this past weekend. On Saturday, we worked out in the yard for several hours, took a break, and then worked on it some more in the early evening. We … Continue reading

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Anyone Have a Goat We Could Borrow?

We are still waiting to hear about whether or not we will get the “old lady house” – a two bedroom, one bath bungalow at the end of our five city lots. I really do need to come up with … Continue reading

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Congrats Cranky Puppy!

I met S. and her guy J. through rather unconventional means. S. was a regular reader of my blog, and one day I posted about my life’s dream of living in an old home. Her comment back to that post … Continue reading

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Time For a Tire Wall!

In typical fashion, I have begun a project without the knowledge or approval of my husband. Not that one HAS to have that to go forward with a project, but it would be nice. I mentioned building this wall of … Continue reading

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What’s Next for The Deadly Nightshade? – A Solar Array?!

It might be only January, but after the seed and bulb exchange today, my thoughts are turning more and more towards spring and the growing season. We have several big projects I hope to accomplish in the next year or … Continue reading

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Don’t Eat That!

The Deadly Nightshade (for REAL!) You may remember my post from the other day where I asked what this plant was… It had this tiny berries. I ate one, it was kind of sweet…   It turns out that it … Continue reading

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Salt the Earth…

Poison ivy and I have a long sad history together. I’m highly allergic, and quickly resemble a leper or plague victim, complete with rotting skin, it’s…horrible. We had eradicated the poison ivy from our old yard – and prevented the … Continue reading

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