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Debt Reduction, Keto Update, et cetera

Countdown to Zero Debt I know I’ve mentioned that I’m the financial manager of the house. When I tell this to others, my husband usually pipes up and says, “Thank god, because it would be a disaster if I did … Continue reading

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A Brick Firepit!

A few weeks ago I headed back to my primary care doc. I have decided to remain without the typical health insurance and simply pay for direct primary care. I like my doctor a lot, she’s young, has a great … Continue reading

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Plateaus and Planetesimals

Plateaus… You remember how I mentioned (at least once or twice) my weight loss goals? Well, I hit a plateau. One that saw a weight gain of three pounds before slowly creeping back down. I have no one to blame … Continue reading

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Weight Goals and Upcoming Event

I considered adding these topics to my last post, but it was already long enough, so here you go – a brand new post! Weight Loss Goals and Accomplishments I’ve mentioned before that, since rescuing my dad from Panama late … Continue reading

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Spinning Plates and Self-Care

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about choosing direct primary care. I promised you an update and here it is… Direct Primary Care – I Love It Having met twice with my new doctor, the owner and operator of … Continue reading

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Financial Tip #1 – Uninsured? Try These!

I think I will start a series of financial tips. These have worked out well for me and mine, and perhaps they can help you as well. I’ll post them as I think of them. Uninsured? You Are Not Alone … Continue reading

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