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Take That, Dave Ramsey!

“Damn” Ramsey Years ago, at a time I was struggling to maintain a good client base and bring in enough in income with my cleaning business, a cleaning client told me, “Well, I’m really sorry, but we have decided to … Continue reading

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Progress…Forward March!

Despite our descent into the dog days of summer, we are making progress on our plans for the yard and properties. Each weekend is full of work, sweat, and more sweat. Take a look… Building That Fence With the Airstream … Continue reading

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Our Properties at Present

I was looking up an old photo of how Cottage West looked back when we first bought it. To say that there have been a few changes since then is an understatement. It made me realize just how much we … Continue reading

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A Four-Day Weekend Means…

Boy oh boy, have we been busy little bees! Around here, the news that my husband would have four days off from work translated to “Amazing loads of sweat and backbreaking labor in both of our futures.” There is, after … Continue reading

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Land Rush in the ‘Hood

I am very excited to announce that we have purchased yet another contiguous property here in our little corner of the ‘hood. A 1,300 square foot three bedroom, one bath house built circa 1895 to the east of us. In … Continue reading

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Homes Tour This Saturday!

I haven’t been posting much – mainly because I have had my hands full prepping for the NEKCHS Homes Tour and more. And really, this is the big news I wanted to share with you today. Come one, come all, … Continue reading

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Fire! Fire! FIRE!!!!!

This evening was business as usual…my husband picked the kiddo up from her music class and I had made a roasted chicken. We were putting a nice browned finish on it when he began staring out of the window to … Continue reading

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