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I’ve Lost My Lease on My Rented Mule (and other stories)

I have mentioned it before, but when my husband was downsized, I gave him “the look” and told him I planned to work him like a rented mule until he had a new job. True to form, I have done … Continue reading

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New Windows…and Gutter Covers! (and so much more)

Monday was a busy, busy day around The Deadly Nightshade! It was quite exciting. Windows and Gutter Covers After obtaining quotes on gutter cleaning, I also looked into gutter covers and found Gutter Cover of Kansas City. They also happened … Continue reading

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A Devastation of Fishes

We moved our pre-formed pond from our old house. The renters have a toddler and I was terrified he would fall in and drown. As it was, the Friday before Easter (when the pond was still there) he DID fall … Continue reading

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Working on the Pond – Day Two

My throat is so sore, spring allergies have struck again, and on Tuesday I was pretty lethargic. I recover pretty quickly from allergies – but for 2-3 days life is not fun – I feel as if I’ve been hit … Continue reading

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A Source of Inspiration

I hurt today. I mean I really, really REALLY hurt today. That said…it was worth it. And while my body is reminding me that I am NOT 23, instead I’m nearly 43 (you may all wish me happy birthday on … Continue reading

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