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Vacuums That Last

My last post was about my visit to a great bargain store, so in that same vein, I’d like to talk about the best vacuum to buy. It might not be sexy, but I hope you will listen to me. … Continue reading

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Bidet…Who? Bidet Me!

It’s my husband’s fault. Which reminds me of the joke… If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong? The answer is, of course, “yes.” Actually, my husband is … Continue reading

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Jumping Into the Deep End … Sort Of

When I decided to have a booth at the Maker Faire, it wasn’t with the idea of SELLING my Zentangle creations. Instead, I wanted to simply talk about Zentangle, encourage folks to try it out, and promote my 40+ different … Continue reading

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Buying Seeds

Here is a short and to the point post. I’ve decided to only buy from two seed companies – D. Landreth Seed Company, which has been in business for 228 years. (yes, you read that right 228 years) and Baker … Continue reading

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Mmmm…Hard Cider…

I forgot to mention this little gem, but Dave bought me a bottle on New Year’s. Here is their website. It’s pricey at $4.00 or so a bottle, but this is one seriously cool looking bottle! Peach hard cider…and quite … Continue reading

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The Tale of Two Rosemary Plants

The handy features of the FOODY were once again brought home to me when I realized this lovely rosemary plant I had dug up and planted in a coffee can back in early November… Now looked like this… Compare that … Continue reading

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War’s End is Now Available Through Amazon Kindle

Just thought you all would want to know! Just $3.99…or FREE if you are a Kindle Prime Member… You can find it by clicking on the link below…  

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On Sale Now…

Becoming an author, getting up the courage each day to sit down and write, rewrite, and craft a story has been hard work. It took years for me to believe in myself and a great deal of passion, hope and … Continue reading

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**Special Notice* *Special Notice**

I reached into my stash of Beez Kneez moisturizer for a new container yesterday morning, opened it up, scooped out my normal amount, raised it to my face and was shocked at the off odor. What in the world? This … Continue reading

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Chickens As Role Models

I realized, while watching one of my hens yesterday, that I need to be more like them. Really, Christine? A bird brained idiot that stands out in the rain, getting wet, and doesn’t know when to just give up on … Continue reading

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