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A Review of Projects…and Flowers!

I’m feeling more and more like that dog Doug in the movie “Up.” I start on a project and things are going well when suddenly a new idea (sort of like a squirrel) runs through my brain and I am … Continue reading

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Work, Work, Work

My brain is clear but my body is still aching. No rest for the wicked though, I’ve got a full day filled with two cleanings ahead of me! We have made a lot of progress on the inside of The … Continue reading

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Another Peek Inside

I couldn’t stand it a second more. I HAD to get back into the house! A week had gone by since we had signed the papers making the house ours and all we had done was cut down trees and … Continue reading

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Our New Project – Now What Should We Call It?

Because obviously, having a 4,000 square foot house isn’t enough of a project for us … This little gem comes in at just under 900 square feet and sports two small bedrooms and one bathroom. Here is a photo of … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Trees

Holy moly, guacamole – we have just received our first estimate on taking out all ten trees on our property – and let me tell you, it won’t be happening anytime soon! Several of the trees are enormous, so I … Continue reading

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As You May Have Noticed

I’ve changed the way I’m doing things yet again. After a month break, I’m back to writing for Bubblews again. My daily quota/goal is five posts. I post on a variety of subjects, as you probably already know, but they … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Rainy Day

Hello Rain! I woke up to the sounds of gentle rain falling. And what perfect timing! We had been lucky enough to receive that limited amount of rain last week, unlike the rest of the metro, but our plants were … Continue reading

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Fences and Handrails

I’ve been inside most of the day today. It’s been cloudy, but overly warm and very humid. I hear we are under a tornado watch until 10pm. Hard to believe, there’s no wind to speak of, but you never know! … Continue reading

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