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Don’t Eat That!

The Deadly Nightshade (for REAL!) You may remember my post from the other day where I asked what this plant was… It had this tiny berries. I ate one, it was kind of sweet…   It turns out that it … Continue reading

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The Great Potato Harvest of 2013…Well…Sort Of…

On Saturday, we had big plans to finish the new chicken coop for our laying hens. We needed some chicken wire, since the roof wouldn’t be safe from marauding varmints with just a tarp, and I was itching to get … Continue reading

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Boom and Bust

Although there are still a few weeks of growth left before our first official frost date – October 9th – I have begun to consider this year’s growing season complete. Due to the enormous amount of weeds and neglect, I … Continue reading

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Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes…

We harvested 14 pounds of potatoes on the 4th of July. It doesn’t look like we will be needing to buy potatoes anytime soon! I’ve still been working through our 12 pound potato harvest from over a month ago. I … Continue reading

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Harvest Tally

I really wish the farmer’s market were open right now in Belton. I’d be there with an armload of yellow squash. I am absolutely dumbfounded by the amount of yellow summer squash we have harvested. Over 13 pounds so far … Continue reading

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Git Yer Sweet Tators A-Growin’!

I’ll be busy teaching a class tonight, but this came through an update posted by Steve Mann on Facebook’s Food Not Lawns Kansas City site. The Kansas City Sweet Potato Project will have sweet potato slips available for pick-up at … Continue reading

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Making My Own Sweet Potato Slips

I forgot entirely about sweet potatoes when planning my garden. But we love sweet potatoes, I have a simple recipe for them that is rather addictive, and I fix it at least once a month. Sweet Potato Bites 2 sweet … Continue reading

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This and That

Greeting to New Readers My recent article on Keeping Chickens in a Backyard Flock at Survival Blog has brought a spike in readership. A big hello and welcome to all of you. Stick around – I discuss a lot of … Continue reading

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So a while ago, I posted about sprouts. Specifically, my husband’s love for them. And considering that corn and broccoli are the only vegetables he is willing to consume on a regular basis, I welcome this opportunity to get more … Continue reading

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For the Love of…Sprouts

My husband loves fresh sprouts on his sandwiches. I personally have found them rather repellant. Perhaps it is the ‘not as fresh as I would like’ smell that I get off of the alfalfa sprouts in the grocery store. Emily, … Continue reading

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