Causing Trouble and Kicking Metaphorical Hornet’s Nests

It’s been a busy few days! I’ve got some project updates, an account of a visit to the state capitol and more to talk about. Read on…

My New Pantry

That's a puppy gate below to stop the dogs from escaping the utility room.

That’s a puppy gate below to stop the dogs from escaping the utility room.

My pantry is not finished. It will have a 2/3 wall on one side with cabinet doors on the top 1/3 (that’s all on the dining room side). And the utility room side will have a door mounted on it.


Meanwhile, though, I have been happy to fill it full of all of our canned goods and other items.

My mom gave me these beautiful dishes last weekend.

My mom gave me these beautiful dishes last weekend.

Now all that is left is to find a Hoosier cabinet to put on the south kitchen wall. I have dubbed it my “future baking center.” After that I might move my large kitchen island into the homeschool/art room and replace it with a smaller, more compact work island. We’ll see.


OLD Kitchen Cabinets…Squee!!!!

This past weekend we were helping two dear friends move and they asked me if I would like these (plus one other) old kitchen cabinets. I let out a squeal of joy. Especially over this one, which is HUGE. I’m going to start standing them down, hopefully today, and prepping the big one for a new coat of paint in a lovely butter yellow. The challenge will be finding the studs in the lathe and plaster walls to hang this baby above the old sink in the utility room (formerly the old kitchen). Then I will fill her shelves with canning jars, pet care supplies, and our garden seed collection.

the one on the right is upside down

the one on the right is upside down

With the smaller cabinet I plan on removing the paint and probably refinishing it with a nice wood gloss. It will go into the homeschool/art room.

There is a third cabinet, but I have not determined where that will go yet. Give me time, I’m sure I’ll find the perfect place for it.

Stay tuned for that!


Other Miscellaneous Projects Going On

I grabbed a stack of these wooden plaques out of The Cottage basement the other day. I’ve painted them with blackboard paint and I’m toying with possible applications now. Stay tuned on that.




I also have a special gift I’m making for a special someone for Mother’s Day. Let’s hope I get it done in time!


This little box was in The Cottage basement. I cleaned it up and I’m planning on mounting it on the wall to hold our larger spice jars.


This heavy wood chair came out of The Cottage basement as well. The bottom half of the chair was missing entirely, and I removed the metal piece that remained on the bottom. I’ve cleaned it up, and I’m planning on painting it with a matte color…perhaps turquoise?…and then adding Zentangle designs. I’ll then seal it with a clear gloss…several coats…and mount the seat on an upright log around my firepit.


Just one way to upcycle some of these old pieces instead of throwing them away or burning them.


Lovely Class Last Night

Last night I was out at Raytown Mid-Continent Public Library to teach the introductory class of Zentangle…Perchance to Zentangle. It was so much fun and everyone seemed quite excited and enthused by the end of class.

One of the attendees came up to me and mentioned that she had been an artist, a sculptor if I remember right, and suffered a brain injury that had stopped her from creating art. She told me she hoped that Zentangle would be just the ticket to bringing back some of that artistic talent. I hope that it will, she was a lot of fun to have in the class!

I really enjoy meeting such wonderful people – if you haven’t taken a class from me I hope you will consider doing so. Click on the Calendar of Events to see a complete listing of upcoming classes.

Note: Currently there are 17 classes occurring between May and July that are NOT on the calendar. Give me a few days to add Container Kitchen Gardening as well as Creating a Zero-Waste Household and Grow Herbs, Give Gifts to that list.

I’m always coming up with new classes as well, so check back soon for:

  • The Art of the Altered Page
  • Oh! To Kombucha!
  • Celebrate the Season: Pumpkin Extravaganza

And more…

A Trip to the Capitol (and Shameless Plug for My Book)

AOWT new

I had the opportunity to visit the capitol in Jefferson City on Tuesday and act as a witness against proposing drug courts throughout Missouri. It tied directly in with our experiences with the Cass County Drug Court program. You can check out the transcript of my testimony at my writer website.

And for those who don’t know, I wrote a book on the subject in 2011…The War on Drugs: An Old Wives’ Tale. You should check it out!

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