Chickens and Crowdfunding

And Then There Were Fourteen

Last Saturday, I taught a class at the Ruiz Library. One of the attendees asked me, “How often do you lose a chicken?

I answered, “Well, we haven’t had one in a while, but usually about 1-2 per year.”

Yesterday morning, my husband came inside from checking on the chickens, “I need a plastic bag. We’ve got a dead chicken.” He paused, “Well, what’s left of a chicken actually.”

You know how I mentioned that chickens are omnivores? They are. And they don’t hesitate at cannibalizing one of their own.

Enjoy those eggs…

Crowdfunding – Can It Be Done?

I am working on one last possible idea for getting the funds in place for renovations on The Cottage. For those of you who are new, or don’t remember, we bought a two bedroom one bath bungalow from Land Bank back in 2014. The goal was to renovate it and then rent it out.

We ran into some unexpected financial issues, and the money we had set aside for the renovation had to go elsewhere. So here we are, staring at a house just 100 feet away from ours, that desperately needs work.

I see so much potential in this house, folks! It has good bones, and the house is approximately 100 years old. I can visualize the house, the walls inside painted in soothing, rich colors of blues and greens. The hardwood floors refinished until the wood gleams, a cute eat-in kitchen in the former dining room, and the old kitchen transformed into an efficient utility room.

I see the back porch re-done, with a sturdy railing around it and a couple of chairs to sit on and look over a backyard filled with flowers and fruiting bushes in the back.

The two bedrooms updated and transformed into oases of comfort, the floor of the bathroom laid with a penny floor, and handmade art throughout the house.

It will be perfect as a writing retreat, convention goers, and more in the years to come and function as a pleasant and cheerful bed and breakfast we can easily manage from our home just one-half block away.

I can see it so clearly in my mind.

But the list of necessary repairs before that can happen is a rather long one:

Repairs Details  Estimated Cost
Roof One-layer add-on plus back porch (tear off layers, fix hole, put new layer on) $4,000.00
Electrical Demo walls and run electrical ourselves (will need to rent a dumpster)  $ 500.00
Guttering All new guttering  $ 1,200.00
Front Porch Front porch rebuild  $ 1,500.00
Bathroom – walls Need someone to sheetrock bathroom after it has been roughed out  $ 300.00
Plumbing Plumb house for water and install stack (was installing stack included in Joe Moreno’s quote?)  $ 1,800.00
Sand and refinish wood flors Do this ourselves – rent sander, supplies for wood finish from Lowe’s, install penny tile in bathroom  $ 500.00
Gas Furnace & a/c unit Need minimum of 36,000 BTUs and installation  $  2,000.00
Gas Line install and test Install gas line w/spot to tie into fireplace in future. Pressure test line for furnace and water heater  $ 800.00
Light fixtures Living room, dining room, kitchen (2), bedroom 1, bedroom 2, hall light, front porch, and attic lights  $ 200.00
Gas water heater Got water heater for $20, now just need to hook it up!  $  100
Chimney cap Install chimney cap  $  150.00
Back porch & stairs Tear off exterior walls, install railing and stairs  $  800.00
Windows Replace four windows at $300 each  $ 1,200.00
Refrigerator need a refrigerator for the space – will have to buy a used one  $300.00
Walls Replace lathe and plaster with drywall  $3,000.00
Repair holes/damage to plaster Have Levi patch holes in ceilings and repair cracks and holes in plaster in other rooms  $ 800.00
Garbage Disposal Install garbage disposal unit under kitchen sink  $  150.00
Furniture and More Two double beds, frames and headboards
Bedskirts (2), six sheet sets, four blankets, and make two quilts
4 sets of towels, washcloths, and hand towels
Curtains for all windows
Three 5×8 rugs (for the bedrooms and living room) along with 2 bathmats for bathroom
Total Cost  $19,300.00

Just the renovations are going to cost around $20,000. And that’s if nothing goes wrong. So call it $25,000 just to make sure.

So I have to wonder, can I do crowdfunding for this? And if so, how does that work? How is it all structured?

Could I offer recompensation in the form of free days at the B’nB? Perhaps one night in exchange for a $50 contribution? Or  a week’s stay in exchange for $500 contribution?

I’m planning to rent out the two bedroom, one bath cottage (will be pet friendly and able to sleep six) for just $125 per night.


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