Chickens Live the High Life

I finally did it!

After months of considering it and not opening my mouth, I found the PERFECT person to ask at my local grocery store. I had been on the fence for months after reading a blog by a woman who feeds her chickens scraps from the grocery store produce “throwaways.” Considered unfit for human consumption – our local grocery store often throws away a box full of trimmings and produce that is slightly wilted or past its prime.

After picking out some fresh strawberries and Honeycrisp apples for fresh eating this next week, I gathered up my courage and approached a store worker there in the produce aisle.

My luck was with me – it was the produce manager himself! He seemed a bit surprised by my request, but since it was for the chickens, told me he would go back and see what he could find. A few minutes later I checked out of the store with a large box marked “No Charge.”

I was excited – what would I find inside?

I was surprised to find these organic carrots in the box – honestly, they look fine to me…Now I’m starting to wish I had rabbits.

I think there was even a mango or papaya in there…they will LOVE having that.

The girls LOVED their treats. It was awesome to see them pecking at the pile. By the end of the day it was completely gone. Dave brought home some salad from work that was going to be thrown out and they got that too.

I thanked the store manager and learned that they go through the produce section daily, in the morning, so I will plan on going by at least once a week and asking if they have anything. They don’t have space to store multiple boxes for me over the week – so it is a catch as catch can, but mornings are best for getting the produce leavings.

I’m excited – it ensures my girls have plenty of fresh produce to eat (besides the little amount we produce inside of the house AND it reduces our overall feed costs. Plus we are keeping this produce out of the landfill – and putting it to good use.

A win on every front!

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  1. Casey says:

    Sounds like i need to go back to the grocery store!!

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