Congrats Cranky Puppy!

I met S. and her guy J. through rather unconventional means. S. was a regular reader of my blog, and one day I posted about my life’s dream of living in an old home.

Her comment back to that post started us on an odyssey that shows no signs of disappointing us anytime soon. S. and J. sold us the home we live in now, and had done some AMAZING fix-its for us prior to move in.

We are happy to call them neighbors and friends and really appreciate them for all they have done and keep doing.

I just checked in on her blog and saw the fabulous news:

She and J have paid off their home! No more mortgage payments!

Take a look at the before and afters as well on her website. It’s barely recognizable as the same home, it is so beautiful and well-loved.

The quality work and craftsmanship they showered on their own home was also freely given to our home in the four years they owned it. The account of how they rebuilt the beautiful wraparound porch was fascinating to read and I am in love with the tile floors they put in the bathrooms and new kitchen, along with so much more.

Living in an old home is a labor of love – and S and J have certainly shown that love, not just for their primary home, but the one we now have the amazing luck to live in.

Congrats you two! I can’t wait to see those solar panels go in and for you to be able to have free electricity from now on. You ROCK!!

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