Cranky Puppy, This One’s For You (But I’m Totally Keeping It!)


We have been in our lovely old (but new to us) home for over a year now. And we have been busy!


Building the large dog fence took up a bunch of our time last year. And this year, as we discovered that our youngest dog is quite the jumper. Who knew she could jump over five feet? Six feet, however, appears to be over her limit.


We have cut down trees – two of them so far – and plan to tackle more in the years to come, opening up the space for more cultivation and replacing them with a large range of fruit trees (pie cherry, three apple trees, two Asian pear, and a handful of American plum are now in the ground).


And I have been toiling industriously over our front yard – which I hope to make a non-stop show of perennial blooms from early spring to late fall. It will take a few more years to truly fill the space with everything, but this year’s display of irises were truly spectacular.


And speaking of iris – we noticed in the last few months of 2012 – long before we moved in – that the back of the property sported a large mass of iris plants. They were tiny, however, amazingly small and I couldn’t quite figure out why – until Cranky Puppy (she and her guy J rehabbed this house and sold it to us) said, “Well, if it isn’t fenced, J just mows everything.”


These poor babies had been being mowed for YEARS!

Now it can take iris a year, sometimes two, to recover from such indignities. And sure enough, this was the case with these fascinating beauties. I transplanted several large masses of them to the front yard, thereby ensuring another year needed to recover (I’ll be surprised if any of those bloom this year). But the mass in the back, which is still quite large, produced the first iris blooms this morning.

We were delighted to see them. I have honestly never seen an iris quite like this. Dave is looking at various pictures now, trying to identify the cultivar, which we suspect might be quite old.


If you know, please share your knowledge with us. We are dying to find out what cultivar this beauty is!

A while back I mentioned that I was transplanting the iris from the back and Cranky Puppy said, “I haven’t ever seen it bloom.”

I reminded her that iris don’t tend to bloom when they are being repeatedly run over by a mower. So, Cranky Puppy (and J) this one is for you! But I’m totally keeping it!


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4 Responses to Cranky Puppy, This One’s For You (But I’m Totally Keeping It!)

  1. JP says:

    Anything neither too tall nor too woody and not within an obvious and clearly-defined border gets mowed. Period.

  2. Christine says:

    LOL … I would, but I’m afraid Bella’s feelings would be hurt! She is a Pointer after all!

  3. Cranky Puppy says:

    Hahahahaha…. how beautiful it is! And to think that it just needed some TLC (and someone to save it from J.’s lawnmower). Have you put up that sign we talked about yet? 😉

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