Crossing the Line With Mulch Mountain #4

So we have made progress with the tree removal and now have a large pile of sticks I’ve deemed ‘unworthy’ for trellises, plant supports or the other stated uses. Dave has cut almost two dozen stepping stones with our tiny (and now quite sad) little electric chainsaw.

“I think we need to call our mulch guy,” Dave said on Tuesday, “and have him come out and give us an estimate on removing the sticks we don’t want, and all of the mess behind the fence.” The mess behind the fence includes at least three years of old Christmas trees, a bunch of twig scraps and a few fallen limbs from storms in years past. He went inside, called the tree company who has given us so much free mulch and reported back that the guy would try and swing by on Tuesday night to give us the estimate.

When I called Mulch Guy (okay, okay, the name of the company is Cartwright Tree Care, they are in Grandview) on Wednesday morning to follow up, he told me he hadn’t been able to make it by on Tuesday evening. “That’s okay,” I said, “because I’m also calling to ask if I can get another load of mulch.”

“Hey, I’ve got plenty. I could deliver the mulch to you and give you an estimate at the same time. Would 6:15-6:30 in the morning tomorrow be okay?”

I’m an early bird, of course that was fine. So we scheduled it. Dave looked under-thrilled at the prospect of another frickin’ mountain of mulch to move.

However, here is my reasoning on this. Right now, the ‘war zone’ section of the yard looks like this…

As you can see, we still have some tree clearing to do, but I’ve already begun to make paths with the stepping stones. I see no reason why Dave should have to worry about mowing this area ever again. Why not go straight towards our goals of raised beds?

This weekend we will be soaking up some great knowledge, including the Urban Farming Guys who have an aquaponics setup for Dave to geek over and raised beds made out of wooden pallets. I’m so darned excited about the idea of FREE WOOD (in all its forms). Imagine not having to pay a single red cent for wood?

So…free mulch…

Free pallets…

Free compost…

Lots of gardening in our future. Color me excited!

So it might seem like we are crossing the line with mulch mountain #4 for the year, but I truly believe this entire tree falling adventure has opened up the possibilities for so much food production in the near future.

A big THANK YOU and shout out to Cartwright Tree Care in Grandview for the 4th free load of mulch. If you have tree care needs, please consider calling this wonderful company at (816) 965-6758.

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2 Responses to Crossing the Line With Mulch Mountain #4

  1. Victoria Fried says:

    I should have had John bring over his chainsaw! But we are very excited about the urban farm tour this weekend too! Planning my two days full of stops now!

    • Christine says:

      Believe me…we could still use a ‘real’ chainsaw. Our little thing is having a tough time at the bigger stuff!

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