Curtains, Chairs and Other Ongoing Projects

Disclaimer…some of the photos are sideways in this post. At this point, I cannot fix them (thank you so much Windows 10, you just really know how to make my day go smoother…NOT) until I upload my digital image software to my small laptop since upstairs is a heat sink and I am stuck doing most of my writing in the living room where it is temperate.)

I have merrily abandoned my garden to grow into a massive jungle of gourds and pumpkins and dedicated myself to the inside of my house.

I have a good excuse for this…


It is too frickin’ hot to work outside and I’m ready for cooler temps and fall. Yes, I said it, I’m ready for fall!

Meanwhile, Dave has been harvesting gourds from the garden. Apparently there are a lot of them out there.

Gourds, Gourds, and More Gourds

But not the ones I had hoped for. I planted every stinking gourd seed I had, including birdhouse and swan gourds. However it seems that everything BUT those two that I wanted have come up. That’s okay, I’ll figure out a way to make something cool out of them.

Meanwhile, they are decorating my house, my yard, and my front porch with various colors and shapes.

In Quest of Chairs

I’ve found some great deals recently on Craig’s List, including an Eastlake chair for $40…

This little chair is perfect for a sewing table or narrow rolltop desk. It also has a needlepoint seat…


And this mid-century chair which was recently re-upholstered (not by me) and is quite comfortable. I have this one in my office since my family like to wander into the library and hang out and talk to me from time to time…



Curtains, More Curtains and Other Window Coverings

Recently someone posted this picture on Facebook, which made me laugh, but reminded me of the fact that my grandmother’s sewing machine absolutely hates me. Even after I paid $80 to have it serviced, I’ve been completely unable to use it without the tension and various parts of it being completely off.

sewing machine

So instead, when I need to “sew” a curtain, I pull out my hot glue gun. And if you think this is odd and potentially disastrous, let me point out that hot glue has a melt point of over 500 degrees. If my home reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit, I have far worse problems to deal with than my curtains coming apart!

So in any case, I put these together and I am pretty happy with how they look…

Front parlor curtains

Front parlor curtains

I’m also planning on re-upholstering the antique sofa with this lovely green chenille…

The antique couch is currently a tan color. But I think this green chenille will go very well with the curtains.

The antique couch is currently a tan color. But I think this green chenille will go very well with the curtains.

I have enough of the curtain fabric to make two more panels as a transition between the living room and front parlor. I just need to get a pole to mount inside of the wide doorway and probably paint it with the oil rubbed bronze paint before mounting it.

I also found this gorgeous Eastlake chair last week for just $40!

Most recent Westlake chair purchase

Most recent Westlake chair purchase

I’ve also got this kind of idea processing through my brain. I found it on Pinterest and I have a window at the bottom of the stairs (it used to be a third front door into the house) that needs some kind of covering. I’m thinking of hanging a smaller window inside of the opening, and adding those flat glass marbles in some kind of cool design like the one below….

stained glass window

Counting the Days

If that were not enough, I’m also looking forward to the weather getting below 80 degrees. At which time I will re-do all of the artwork on my van using paint pens instead of Sharpies. I talked to a very cool guy “Pinstripe Chris” who does amazing designs on cars out in southern California. I asked him how I would go about sealing the Sharpie work, since I had read that he had done several Sharpie cars.

He wrote back and told me that, even with the Extreme or Pro Sharpies, even with a good sealant, I’m going to have serious fading and instead suggested I use paint pens. He had some great recommendations and the black ones have come in, now I’m just waiting on the colored ones as well. Yes…I’m going to color my work. Stay tuned for that!


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