Deals, Kindness, and Home

Gotta Love Savers

We went by Savers last Saturday. For those not in the know, Savers is a used clothing (and more) store. I discovered it when my eldest daughter was an infant and have been shopping there faithfully for nearly three decades.

There are Savers locations throughout the Kansas City Metro and they have periodic 50% off sales (as well as other sales on specific items). This past Saturday was a 50% off sale and we netted:

  • 3 pairs of dress pants for Dave (two of them were Savane brand)
  • 1 cute embroidered vest for me
  • 2 pairs of workout pants for me
  • 4 pairs of shoes for me (2 pairs were Clark’s brand and looked brand new, 1 pair was Ahnu brand (which fit GREAT) and the other was LifeStride)

Total cost? Less than it would have cost for one pair of dress pants if we had bought them retail: $38.50


I typically go in with a mental list of what I need, and I tend to only shop name-brand. Honestly, I have no idea how anyone shops retail prices. Every once in a while I go into a store and I’m just shocked by how much clothing costs.It’s crazy expensive!


2016-05-02 14.10.32

Surrounded by Kindness

On Monday I went to a client’s house for their normal monthly cleaning. Not only did I see a check for the cleaning (plus a tip, I do love that aspect of the service industry!) but also a $50 check labeled “for cottage rehab.”

This was in addition to the $500 Kiva loan funded by six contributors in a four-day period.

I’m channeling multiple income streams and swallowing any pride I have to get this project going. Thankfully I find myself surrounded by kindness.

I am truly lucky to have so many wonderful friends and neighbors – and I credit much of that to our move to Kansas City. Being here, in this neighborhood, has really changed my outlook in so many ways.

It is so wonderful to know that we have people genuinely rooting for us and wishing us success!


Yesterday, our neighbors Marcie and Bill from across the street were kind enough to give us this rug, which fits the colors of our living room decor perfectly. As you can see, our “min-pit” Honey Nut Cheerios digs it. She has rolled around on her back on it several times, ‘smiling’ the whole time!


Home Projects Underway

I’m currently working on the portiere (a.k.a. curtains for wide doorways) in the dining room to art room transition. I’ve made the curtains out of the painter’s drop cloth I’m so fond of. This matches the two sets of window curtains within the art room itself.

After 3 1/2 years of living here, I finally managed to put up curtains in the Art Room!


I’m planning on doing something below the seam here. Possibly some poetry in script? I could just use a thick Sharpie and write in calligraphy. We shall see.


Meanwhile, this little Pinterest project that I had hoped to adapt…


Turned into this piece of furniture that will be holding court in the Art Room:


I’m considering adding two more levels on top of it, and replacing the directional casters on the bottom to be swivel casters. I’ll bolt the whole thing together and place it in the corner where I currently have the white metal and glass baker’s rack. It can hold all of our art books and supplies in one rotating display.

Sometimes, plans just change that way.

Back to the portiere project…

On the portiere, I hope to have a second pole cut and put into position. I’m thinking that a white fabric edged with lace would make a nice counterpoint to the linen look of the drop cloth. I’ll also use it to create curtain ties and pull the fabric back to the edges of the doorway.

I still need to finish the portiere in the living room/dining room transition and use the complementary fabrics above to finish that transition.

And if that weren’t enough, there is still this transition in the living room/parlor to do.

And then the portiere in the library/office.

I’d better get to it, the days until the tour are ticking down to zero!

kiva loan

Building Credit With Kiva

I’ll admit it – I was really REALLY disappointed that Kiva only allowed us to seek $500 instead of $10,000. The $500 was a slap in the face of sorts. Especially since I just received notification this week that a credit card maximum was being raised again. We pay off all credit card debt the month it was incurred, and that has helped our credit immensely – the credit card has continued to raise our maximum spending limit over the past two years from $2,500 to $10,000. As if we would ever use that much! In any case, I tried to swallow down my frustration and realize it might take a little time.

Kiva disbursed the $500 loan on Tuesday, August 9th and gave me a full repayment schedule – $20.83 per month for two years. Yeah, NO. I’ll be paying this in two $250 chunks and then re-applying for a new loan by the middle of October. I’m not holding my breath that they will then approve me for $10k, but it sure would be nice.

No matter what, anything is better than putting this stuff on credit cards or other high-interest predatory loans. So if I have to jump through some hoops to get it all done, well, that’s what I will do!


More Great Deals

Amazon is doing its best to become the one-stop shopping source. And with Amazon Prime, I keep them busy.

Unless I’m in a screaming hurry, I check the box that says “No Rush Shipping” and scoop up another $1 credit towards movies, ebooks, and digital downloads of music.

I’ve been racking them up – I think I have a total of $16 right now waiting to be redeemed. And that’s after buying several Kindle books!

Recently I have had trouble locating dried chopped dates. Not for me, mind you, I find them rather icky. But my husband loves them in his oatmeal.

I call it Papa Bear Oatmeal – 6 cups of oats, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 cup of chopped pecans, 1/2 cup of dried dates, and 1/4 cup of flax seeds.

Each morning he scoops out 2/3 cup or so, and microwaves it with milk.

In any case, my usual “go to” source of dates is Aldi’s. But Aldi’s tends to only carry dates in the colder months. I guess they figure folks only use it for holiday baking. In prior years I have stocked up, but I ran out this year and couldn’t find any more.

Never fear, Amazon is here! I found a 3-pound bag of chopped dried dates for $17.00 on Amazon, which shook out to around 35 cents per ounce. This was half the price of some of the smaller bags of dates on the website. And I’m not having to pay sales tax or drive anywhere to pick it up.

I definitely have a plethora of dates now.

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