Dreaming of Greenhouses and Avocado Trees

I want an avocado tree.

Um…Christine, you can’t grow an avocado tree in zone 6, it will freeze to death in the winter.

I want to plant it in my greenhouse.

Um…Christine, you don’t have a greenhouse.

Shut up, you!

As I was saying, I want an avocado tree and I want to plant it in my greenhouse.

Two problems are obvious. I can’t grow an avocado tree indoors, nor out of doors. Not in this climate. Avocado trees, actual fruit-producing avocado trees can grow rather large. In the case of the Don Gillogly avocado (yes, I’ve done my homework) only 12 feet in height and 12 feet across. Not bad, at least, as long as it isn’t inside my house.

And it isn’t enough to just grow the tree. Oh no, it must produce fruit…lots and lots of buttery rich avocado fruit. Mmmm…guacamole…chopped avocado in salads, or spread on sandwiches…mmmm.

So ever since some friends of ours built a greenhouse out of old windows, I’ve been jonesing for one just like it. Well, not exactly just like it, but definitely one that could sit against the south side of our house. I dream someday of having one of the windows in our bedroom converted into a doorway that would lead to the greenhouse. It would stay warm, through passive solar, and with house heat if necessary, through the winter. Giving me a small respite from the long, bitter cold of winter. A place we could start seeds, grow smaller herbs and veggies through the winter, and a structure that could handle a 12×12 tree at one end of it.

I’m not asking much…am I?

Does anybody have some old windows they would like to send my way?

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2 Responses to Dreaming of Greenhouses and Avocado Trees

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Jonesing for an avocado tree? Get out of my brain!! We’re doing salads right now that are a mix from our own garden and the local farmers market. The one non-local veggie is the avocado, and boy are they expensive!

    • Christine says:

      Haha! BTW, Aldi’s has them for cheap. And they taste pretty darn good. I still want an avocado tree, though!

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