Blackberry Cobbler…You Know You Want Some


Oh pardon me, I was busy noshing on a little ‘loaf’ of blackberry cobbler. So yummy!

With coffee, early in the morning, what could be better.

Actually Christine, a dollop of vanilla ice cream would make this just perfect.

Shut up, you! Oh wait, the little voice in my head is right, it would be better with just a dollop of vanilla ice cream. However, I don’t have any at present and I think there is a rule somewhere about ice cream – Thou shalt not each ice cream before 1pm in the afternoon.

Yeah, that one.

Anyway, here is the little beauty all plated and perfect. Who wouldn’t want a piece of such yumminess?

The recipe for this buttery and sweet concoction can be found here. You will have to provide the berries/fruit all on your own!

And speaking of fruit, you should see my poor nectarine tree which is perhaps a week away from harvest. I didn’t manage to thin it enough when the fruits were first emerging, so there are quite a few and the branches are looking rather sad and weighed down.

This is the first year the nectarine tree has produced any amount of edible fruits. They are small, but I think they will improve with the regular application of compost.

Total harvest tally to date: 155.25 pounds


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