Folks Bring Me the Nicest Things

I think I’m getting a reputation. Hopefully it is a good one. ItĀ seems to be a good one…at least to me.

Folks have begun to bring me things. Cool things. Things that feed my imagination and get those creative juices a’flowing…

At our Because It’s Spring! party a couple of weeks ago, a friend brought me someĀ broken glass ornaments…


“I figured you could use them for your fairy gardens.” she said.


A neighbor gave me these lovely flowers which I promptly put into a small portable fairy garden for my Make Your Own Fairy Gardens class.


Yesterday I received a lovely old meat grinder from our neighbors across the street…


I LOVE it!

Also yesterday, when walking through my yard, I found these two gems…


And while it might seem like trash to some, here are some cool ideas you can do with a couple of bicycle rims…


I have to say that my Pinterest addiction is not improving. If only they would stop giving me such cool ideas to mull over! So here someone got a bunch of lightbulbs together in once place and made a chandelier…with a bike rim…


Or hey, what about a simple pot rack?!


Paint them a bright color and add them to the wall of the chicken coop


I’m guessing that the one above was for a wedding. It would probably be great for a party or special dinner as well.


This could be fun above a pond or pool.


And if I had about 50 more of the suckers I could do this cool kids area with vines and flowering plants. I feel like putting out a post on Facebook and here saying, “Bring me your tired and worn out bicycle rims.”


But this one is my favorite. Stained glass pieces, combined with gears and bike chains. Totally cool. I see something like this mounted on a stake out in my yard, the ultimate in lawn art. Maybe with some of those flat glass marble pieces they sell at the dollar stores? Hmmm…

I’m telling you…folks keep bringing me the nicest things…

p.s. I could use some bricks…about 5,000 of the suckers. Just…putting it out there…

I’ve decided that I want to elongate this path…

Next year I will enlarge the crop garden all the way to the left edge of these bricks.

Next year I will enlarge the crop garden all the way to the left edge of these bricks.

I want to take it straight to the end of the row of plants on the left and then curve it to the left so that it goes to the right of “sunflower square” (Em named it, what can I do?!)…

Sunflower Square is looking a little limp, but I have great hopes that it will recover and grow tall.

Sunflower Square is looking a little limp, but I have great hopes that it will recover and grow tall.

And then onwards further. Eventually I hope to take it all the way to The Cottage. I want to remove the ugly chain link fencing entirely on the front and on the shared side. Since The Cottage will not be sold, and hopefully be part of our family for a long time (I can totally see Em living in it when she is going through college and wants a little space) and we will eventually enclose all of the property in a tall black wrought-iron fence on the front and back of the property.

The dreams that I have…oh my oh my…

If only sweat equity paid for all of those dreams.

Speaking of sweat. I finally, FINALLY got the last two rows planted with seeds. I planted cucumber seeds and also beets and mustard greens.


Yes, I am aware it is waaay too late. But I’ve been ridiculously busy, distracted, and just doing my best to tread water. so I got the last seeds in the ground and hopefully they will have enough time to sprout and become productive plants before frost hits in early October!

The pumpkins are going nuts over in the old herb bed, and I’ve even seen some of the cantaloupe and watermelon sprouting up…

I may have to thin these guys!

I may have to thin these guys!

The countdown begins, folks…just 4 1/2 weeks to go until the Urban Grown Tour! Do you have your tickets yet? Get ’em while they are cheaper! Here is the link. The price goes up the weekend of the tour so get them NOW!

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