Helpful Links

I’ve found some articles that are quite helpful. Rather than repeat what they have said, I’ll just point you towards them:

  • Have questions on recycling plastic by those imprinted numbers? Check out this informative article for the skinny on what can be recycled or not.


  • “See how chickens really live!” The blog declares, introducing the first chicken coop tour in the Kansas City area. Now seriously, forget a garden tour, go here on Saturday. It’s more than just a tour of local coops, but also some great art exhibits, activities for the kids and more!


  • If you are interested in heirloom seeds, and have $5 to spend, I highly recommend you read this article and then invest in keeping an old and valuable company open. Heirloom seeds are not only a thing of the past, they are also our future. If you haven’t grown an heirloom tomato, you are missing out! There are so many fascinating cultivars to choose from.


  • Have you ever canned or frozen fresh corn? Ever thought that it seemed a waste to have to throw away all of those cobs (even if they are going in the compost)? Well imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered this helpful article. Imagine making jelly out of the corn cobs! It makes sense, there’s plenty of natural sugars in there, and I’ll bet that the cobs break down quicker in the compost afterwards.


  • Natural Cleaners-throw out the Soft Scrub and try out the Silky Scrub recipe listed in this article. The ingredients are easy to find.

So there you go, plenty of cool links to check out. ‘See’ you on Saturday!


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