Hey, Let’s Build a Fence!


I have dreamed of enclosing this property with a nice tall privacy fence ever since I moved here.

Having the last lot that wasn’t ours be used as a thoroughfare for folks taking a shortcut from one block to the other didn’t help.

Something like this...

Something like this…

Nor did the guy who preferred to stop in the middle of said lot and pee…in broad daylight.

Or the guy who my husband caught doing something a little more…stinky…in the pre-dawn hours.

Or possibly this...

Or possibly this…

And then there was the guy who walked his dogs straight through the middle of my property TWICE in one day. Both times the dogs were lunging and snapping at our chickens as they bulldozed through the yard. And yes, the second time earned him a rather loud and irate, “EXCUSE me, but could you please STOP walking your dogs through our yard?” from me.

And with our increased and contiguous property comes the ability to have our friends Jay and Michelle boondock their RV here. Staying here they will be close to The Cottage, and centrally located for more work opportunities in the area.

We aren’t going to enclose everything. Not yet. But we have come up with a strategy for putting in an inexpensive fence on the entire back border of the property. It will be a slight ‘L’ shape since we will need to connect into our dog fence on one side and then run it the entire south border length, connecting finally to our neighbor Dale’s fence on the west corner.

This should make him happy. He was complaining a couple of years ago about the folks walking through the properties and having the back sealed off will stop that once they realize there is no longer access off of the alleyway. I think he will feel safer too.

We are doing our best to get along with him. And with Jay here (I call her our Dale-whisperer), I have little doubt that we can swing him back over to the “good neighbor” side of looking at things.

It will be a simple fence. However, we can paint the boards in the spring. And then I plan on planting vining plants along the length of it – climbing roses, clematis, honeysuckle, morning glories, wisteria, trumpet vine, hardy kiwi, and more in areas where there won’t be any gates.

I think that a total of three gates – two sixteen feet wide and one four foot wide – will work perfectly. You can see them marked with thick black lines on the schematic along with the approximate placement of the RV, which will be nestled in the back of the property for optimum privacy. The green line is the fence (although it will be five feet in from the edge of the alley per code).


We are planning on installing the fence the second weekend in December. What do you think?!

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