Homemade Maple Syrup? It Makes “Cents”

I have really been enjoying the Quick Fix Healthy Mix: 225 healthy and affordable mix recipes to stock your kitchen cookbook. I’ve had several successes with the Quick Bread recipes – lots of appreciative noises were made during the feasting on the pumpkin bread recipe, as well as the banana bread and apple bread recipes. The Basic Quick Bread mix in the book makes it so darned easy!

One particular recipe caught my eye – that of Homemade Maple Syrup. I wasn’t sure what to think. We made the switch over to pure maple syrup about a year ago. It is thinner than the Mrs. Butterworth syrup, but I have been making an effort to slowly wean ourselves off of all high-fructose corn syrup products, and pancake syrup blends are chock full of them.

Away with thee, HFCS!

Short of tapping a whole bunch of maple trees, we were out of luck for making our own syrup…until this recipe.

It consists of 2 1/3 cups of water, five cups of brown sugar, and one Tablespoon of maple extract. Hmmm…

I took the chance and ordered the maple extract – 8 ounces of it.

The total came to $14.83 with shipping.

They sent two four-ounce glass jars…

Per the instructions in the book I heated 2 1/3 cups of water to boiling and then stirred in the 5 cups of brown sugar until it was completely dissolved.

Then I removed it from the heat and stirred it on and off for about five minutes, allowing it cool a little before adding the one tablespoon of maple extract.

Yes…it was that easy.


It made about 34 ounces of syrup…

And the taste?

Keeping in mind that it was warm and the purchased maple syrup was shelf temp, it tasted indistinguishable to me. Dave tasted it and said he liked what I had made better!

And here is the breakdown of how much it all costs…

$$ amount Ounces Price per ounce
Store bought  $   7.00 12.5  $ 0.56
Home Version  $  14.83 for 8 oz extract
 $  14.83 makes 16 batches  $   0.93 extract
 $ 1.20 brown sugar
 $ 2.13 for 34 ounces
 $ 0.06 per ounce

In case that chart is confusing (I made it on the fly), it costs a minimum of 56 cents per ounce to buy maple syrup in the store, or 6 cents per ounce for me to make it myself in no more than five minutes.

Next time I need it, I’ll purchase 32 ounces of the extract for only $24.99 plus shipping. That will practically halve the cost for the extract in the mix…


And seriously…you NEED this book!

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