I Just Call It Nesting

A lovely little spot to sit and relax in our bedroom suite. This is the room our bed used to be in.

A friend asked me the other day what I was doing for self-care. The answer is a little odd, but, in times of stress, I tend to nest.

I guess I wouldn’t consider it self-care, because I’m inevitably moving heavy furniture in and out of rooms, pushing, shoving, and generally creating a mess of belongings that need to be re-distributed throughout the rest of the house.

Since the eldest has moved out, well, even before, I had promised my dear husband a bigger room for his office. He is the main breadwinner, yet he has the smallest room (other than a bathroom) in the house for his office.

A view from the “inner room” to the new sitting room and the hallway beyond. And my sweet Bella, sitting pretty as you please.

I suggested we move his desk into the room vacated by Danielle and possibly put the treadmill in it as well…and maybe the dog cages too. And then the small old office could fit a double bed, nightstand and maybe a dresser. It would be cramped, which was kind of perfect. It gives off that “you are welcome to stay, but not for too long” kind of feel.

Instead, the old office is now a mess of two dog cages, a large aquarium, and a treadmill lodged in the middle. So much for that guest room…

Meanwhile, while we were moving furniture around, I had a vision for how I wanted our double bedroom to look. Our room consists of two 12×12 bedrooms with a wide opening between them. And for the last couple of years, the king-size bed has been in the “outer room” which is closest to the hallway. The bed filled the room, giving it a cramped feeling, and the dog kennels and treadmill in the “inner room” made it a hodge podge of underused space.

So we switched things around, putting the king bed into the “inner room” and turning the “outer room” into a place for my dressers and a sitting area, complete with the marble-topped table that was displaced by my dad moving into our front parlor.

I spent the day on Sunday moving things about.

Now that I have a proper sitting room, I think I need to get to work on putting something on those blank walls. What do you think?

The marble topped table that was in my front parlor before my dad moved in. The wooden sculpture was created by my maternal uncle and The Little Engine That Could was a mantra of my parents whenever I cried and said I couldn’t do anything. It kind of symbolizes how I live my life – never give up!

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