I Spy a Zentangle Piano…

The finished product!

The finished product!

I have received word from the Pianos on Parade coordinator that the Zentangle piano will be displayed “in front of Seasons 52 on Ward Parkway.  If it isn’t there, then they switched it with the other plaza piano, which is in front of Scooters on 47th St.”

So there you have it…the piano is now on the Plaza.

Go find it and report back to me!


Don’t Look…It’s Messy

I didn’t get much cleaning done yesterday. I blame nerves. My eldest is currently making a long drive from Nevada to here to stay with us. I worry about her driving alone. I just can’t help it.

You would think I would have nervous energy, but no, I’ve just got headaches and nervousness and sleeplessness.

I guess no matter how old they get, they are still your babies. All of you moms out there can relate…right?!

Heck, at least the outside looks good.

Fresh strawberries!

Fresh strawberries!

Squirrel! Chicken! Strawberries!

I feel like that dog in Up! – the one so easily distracted by squirrels. In any case, the chickens started clucking, which reminded me that we needed to check on them. After getting them fed and Em busy collecting the eggs, I noticed the telltale signs of ripe strawberries…spots of red hidden beneath green leaves.

We should have been picking them around the end of last weekend. Plenty were overly ripe and went straight to the chickens who cooed and clucked and said such sweet things to us.

I even found some wild strawberries in the mix. Can you spot them? They are smaller than regular strawberries and not as tasty, but Em loved them so that I made sure we transplanted plenty from the old garden.

Considering we just planted another 200+ plants, I think I can look forward to getting another harvest (later than normal, but still) in a month or two. And if not? Next year will be phenomenal. I can hardly wait!


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