I Want to Build a Wall…With Free Materials

As spring quickly approaches, my thoughts are turning increasingly to outside activities. And I just had a brainstorm that might very well fix one of our problem areas in our yard for little or no cost.

It involves using cast-off tires.

We have a long stretch of backyard with no fence whatsoever that backs up to a paved alleyway. In the winter, when snow covers the road and yard equally, the residents in an apartment building that backs up to the opposite side of the alley often end up driving accidentally into our yard.

They get stuck there too.

We have talked about putting in a fence, but if we did, we would run the risk of it also being backed into and damaged or destroyed by an inattentive driver.


So it got me to thinking…why not use some of these cast-off tires I see littering the alleyway and beyond…and build a low (four foot high) wall of tires.

I would fill them with dirt and plant a ton of flowers and perennial bulbs and paint the tires in a color that matched our house’s color scheme, probably the dark burgundy red trim. It would add a spot of color, be filled with vibrant plant life, and provide a gentle barrier that I wouldn’t be worried about being damaged or destroyed.

The picture above is rather colorful. I probably won’t have something quite as colorful as that…but I definitely think that a tire wall might be just the ticket for our back border!

What do you think?


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