If You Give Christine A Brick…

“The fire dancers, flickering their fiery dance.” Em’s response to my question of what to write in the caption. I have a budding poet on my hands!

Most of my parenting friends will get that reference. There are a series of children’s books out there, the first one was called If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. It takes the reader on an adventure.

And I really think I need to write a book titled If You Give Christine a Brick, because damned if I won’t build a pyramid with them next.

Actually, Dave joked about that as we pushed, rolled and pivoted several 300+ pound tree trunks around today.

I’ve expanded the circle around the firepit and, with Em’s help, we have begun laying a new path that runs to the front of the house.

“Let’s build a pyramid next!”

He really should be careful about giving me ideas like that…

Do you see some of those monster logs down there? Using pivot points we were able to move them out of the way, so that I can finish the firepit ring.

I also removed the landscape stones that were on the inside wall of the firepit and I began digging down. Eventually, I hope to have a 2-3 foot deep firepit.

The fire department was pretty limiting on the diameter of the firepit, but damned if I won’t go down and get more room that way!

I was so proud of my family today! We got so much done! Em came out and worked hard right alongside of us. It wasn’t exactly her first choice in how she spent her day, but after a stern lecture on the responsibilities that go along with household citizenship, she knuckled down and did it.

I couldn’t have added fifteen feet of walkway as quickly as I did without her. She laid the bricks while I dug them up from the old, overgrown path.

My husband moved the rest of the heavy landscape bricks, some three wheelbarrow loads full to the front of Cottage East.

Dave taking direction from our pint-size dictator, Little Miss.

I’ll arrange them better later, I was just glad to have them where they needed to be.

He also finished a project I had started, one of shoveling all of the accumulated mud that had moved from the corner of Indiana and 9th down to the entire length of gutter in front of our house.

It took three wheelbarrows filled with muck before he was done!

Moving enormous logs and plotting my next big project

We burned some more brush, including last year’s Christmas tree and now that the heat is rising again, I’m done until we get another rainy, cool spell. After the ashes cool, I plan on digging down further in the firepit. The ashes and dirt mixture can go in the compost heap.

Each time I work in the garden, I feel such a fierce joy. We have accomplished so much in the five years we have been here. Imagine what it will look like in five more!

Em was tenacious (and successful) in her attempts to restart the fire today

If You Give Christine a Brick

If you give Christine a brick, she will smile, imagine a new path she wants to build and walk towards her garden.

She will likely ask you for another brick, and another, and another.

Once Christine has a pile of bricks, she will undoubtedly begin to shout orders imperiously, setting anyone and everyone near her to work on this project.

Once she has her husband ferrying more bricks, and her youngest sorting out the broken brick, she will imagine a firepit surrounded by large tree trunks and ask you for your help.

Moments later, armed with shovels and full of curiosity, a bunch of kids might show up to help dig out that pond Christine has been wanting since the first spring she was here.

As you begin to dig in the dirt, you will need a place to put it and that will make her think of all of those extra plants that need to be divided up and planted around the mulberry tree, the old stump, or the new wildflower garden and she will hand you a shovel and direct you where to plant them.

If while you are digging you find a rock, Christine will undoubtedly remember that she wanted to edge the hostas and rosebushes she planted this spring with rocks and begin carrying those over, clearing any weeds as she goes.

And that will remind her that there are still pathways to build and bricks to find. And that will likely lead to her asking you for more bricks.

Little Miss says “It’s important to hydrate.” Actually, she said no such thing beyond, “Cuppie!”

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