It Has Begun!!! (Yet Again)

All right, the third time is the charm…right?

Last fall I decided to Zentangle my van. I worked on it for a while, but the winter snuck up on me before I had managed to get much done.

I waited impatiently for spring.

And noticed that there was a LOT of fading despite having sealed the design with a clear gloss spray.

I decided to try a second time, was delayed/distracted yet again, and we entered the summer with the car at best 1/4 complete. The hot sun instantly faded all of my hard work.


So I had a van that was partially decorated, fading badly, and no good ideas on what to do. Except for one…my eldest advised I use paint markers instead of Sharpies. And I also found a guy who does a ton of car art “Pinstripe Chris” who suggested the same thing, and gave me a list of his favorite go to paint markers.

I have the black paint markers in, and I just received the colored Posca paint markers. Beginning yesterday, I will work on the van at least every Tuesday and Thursday during Em’s music classes, which last 90 minutes. I will also be able to work on the van during LEARN Wednesday co-op and also at LEARN Math and Science Club on Fridays.

Stay tuned!

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