Land and Zentangle


The Last Lot

I am excited to announce that today, Tuesday, right before Thanksgiving, we will finally purchase the last lot, a sliver of land that sits between the end of our five lots and The Cottage, making our property contiguous.

You can see it in green above.

It is approximately 25 feet wide, but it is such a relief to finally have it. Eventually, we plan on fencing the entire property with gates at intervals for easy access/egress.

I have a couple of other plans floating around in my brain – but details on those are still bouncing about, so I’ll just leave you wondering.

Meanwhile, I’m excited to be able to use the entire space without worrying about where our border ends and where someone else’s border begins. This also brings our total space up to over 1/2 acre.

Hmmm…what to do with all of this space?!

Zentangle Project Revisited

A few years ago when I first learned about Zentangle and explored the art form, I quickly fell in love with taking it off the page. I put it on wooden apples…


I put it on wooden eggs…


And then I discovered Permawriter pens and began experimenting with them on fabric. This project, in particular, took me a while to get up the courage to try, but I was so happy I did…


Knee-high Converse boots

It took over 40 hours to complete these, but I love them!


Soon after I finished these boots, I realized I could no longer find Permawriters. I had started a new project…


This is a long-sleeved green cotton shirt in my size.


And I needed more pens to continue working on it…


I found more Permawriters after months of searching! These are 03 size instead of the 01 (a finer point) that I was working with originally.


Despite it being a bigger size, I can still do most of the detail work.


Last night I delved into Season 1 of Blindspot on Hulu and got to work increasing the size of the zendala above.


I guess all of those tattoos inspired me!

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