Liriope on Steroids


Okay, I’m exaggerating. To my knowledge the liriope I acquired today has taken no steroids. I could ask it, but I doubt it would answer, given it has no vocal cords.


I was a little loopy when I wrote the bit above. I was in for my second break in planting and still had about half of the plants to go.


In my usual daily “must check Craig’s List for free stuff” obsession I was rewarded for a bunch of free liriope. And when I sent my usual polite, friendly email, I was rewarded with a “come and get it all” response from Angeline G. in Overland Park.


Thank you soooo much, Angeline!


We literally filled  my van with liriope plants, along with a lovely lemon balm, sedum, peony, hosta, daisy, and more.


And ever since I returned I have been digging, planting, and sweating. I have also come to realize the sheer scope of the project in front of me. Because, you see, I want to fill nearly every damn square inch of my half acre space of five city lots with plants that are not grass.


I can see it when I gaze out of the window, the future of this enormous space.


Meandering paths of brick threading their way through clusters of iris, daylily, fruiting bushes and trees.


A large asparagus patch, and one of rhubarb. I imagine rows of vegetables in our main garden, along with perennial herbs everywhere I look.


If I must have grass it will be a tiny 20×20 space of green. And even then, I’d far prefer to have clover.


I told Angeline, “I want my farm to be a patchwork of love from gardens all over Kansas City, filled with beauty and plants to share with my neighbors and community.” She smiled at that, said she liked the image that brought to mind.


By 6:30 I was finishing up the last of it as Dave arrived home from a meeting. The last thing we did was pull these amazing wrought iron pieces out of the back.


These are amazing and so cool!


I put this one in the ground, just to see how it looked. Tomorrow I think I will spray it with a flat black outdoor paint so that it doesn’t degrade any further.

This wild violet is simply stunning

This wild violet is simply stunning

I’m looking forward to playing with these and seeing what I can create with them!


By 6:30 I had finished planting everything. I guess that means I’m ready for more free plants. Bring ’em on!

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