“Magic” Fridge

Our new "magic" fridge

Our new “magic” fridge

Yesterday, as we were driving to a house cleaning, Dee said to me, “Jeez, it feels as if we were robbed, the refrigerator took up ALL of yesterday.”

Truer words were never spoken.

On Monday morning the refrigerator had a weird smell – a chemical smell – that I couldn’t quite pinpoint.

At noon I discovered just how broken it was.

Here is just the partial door open (hence the "magic" part of the fridge)

Here is just the partial door open (hence the “magic” part of the fridge)

As my lunch heated in the microwave I pulled the ice cream out of the freezer. It can freeze pretty hard, and scooping out a couple of spoonfuls becomes difficult, so I was planning on setting it on the counter to soften slightly while I ate my lunch.

Instead of frozen ice cream, it was nothing but liquid on the inside. So the freezer had stopped working hours before.

With the door fully open...

With the door fully open…

We had nursed the fridge along for nearly two years, hoping that this fix, or that fix, would keep it going. The ice maker had stopped working, the water dispenser had also, only to revive after a few months vacation, and then dramatically die again a couple of months ago.

It was time for a new fridge. The last fridge I purchased was $750 back in 1999, so imagine my sticker shock when I went shopping for one.

Ice maker on the door takes up far less space

Ice maker on the door takes up far less space




And this was right after we had both decided that we needed to avoid big spending. Ai carumba!

I immediately dismissed any with a stainless steel finish. As a house cleaner I see just how awful those refrigerators look when touched. I wasn’t planning on donning gloves every time I opened the fridge, so the stainless steel ones were immediately crossed off the list. Black would work best anyway. My countertops are in a black granite, my new (dented, but new) dishwasher was black, and eventually my future gas stove will be black as well.

Full freezer view

Full freezer view

And then they found it…the “magic” fridge…

“Mama look, it’s magic!!!!” Both girls were standing in front of a side-by-side fridge that had this button inset into the right handle. Press it and it opens just a portion of the fridge. The portion of the fridge that you can use to store milk, salad dressings, jams and other high-access items.

The ice-maker was also mounted on the door, adding more storage space to the freezer side with an additional deep shelf.

I fell in love.

There in Home Depot my magic fridge (as I had come to think of it) had a list price of $1,999 and then $1,699. And delivery was at least five days out.


The price was way too high and my food would not wait. What to do?!

I decided to head over to Nebraska Furniture Mart when Dee said, “I wish there was a scratch and dent.”

As soon as she said it I knew just where to go – the Sears Outlet on Front Street – and off we went. There were dozens of refrigerators there. And then we found it…my magic fridge…in black…

Total price? $1100.

I walked out of there and ended up paying less than $1,200 (that included sales tax) on a refrigerator that everyone absolutely loves.

Getting it home was a challenge, especially with these old door frames. We had to remove the doors on the fridge to get it into the kitchen!

A huge thank you to our neighbors Kevin and Michelle who provided a truck for us to use to transport it, along with the muscle and ingenuity needed to get truck the old one out and the new one in through narrow doorways. It was quite the adventure but we now have a fridge we can depend on and hopefully will get to enjoy for years to come.

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