More Brick-Laying

Sweeping sand into the cracks between the brick pavers – this path leads around our big maple tree and to our side gate into the dog yard

Soon it will be more than just nippy in the morning. Then winter will descend upon us and I’ll be focused on the inside projects.

Until then…

This is the west side pathway. This picture was from a couple of weeks ago. The pile of bricks is now gone!

Brick Moving = Brick Laying

I have nearly moved all of the brick from the sides of Cottage East!

The paths on both sides are clear, with a few bricks scattered here and there, and several large stacks.

I woke up this morning and decided I would re-do the brick paths in my side yard. Originally laid directly on the ground with no weed blocking landscape fabric, often the wrong kind of bricks (ones with holes in them), and far too narrow of a path – it all needed to be re-done.

Herb garden to the right and maple tree to the left

So I pulled up a few rows of bricks, laid down the landscape fabric, and got to work on the new (and wider) path.

Later I nagged Dave into running to the store and buying some sand and together we put down around 180 pounds of sand and swept it into the cracks between the bricks.

I’ll probably need around three more 60-pound bags, but the path looks GREAT!

From the other side (Cottage East in the distance) – I think I will wrap the path around the maple tree. And here is where I ran out of sand!

Plans Change

My plan for laying all of the bricks we collected off of the sides of Cottage East in the backyard as an English garden has changed.

View from the other side. This took hours, but it is going to look awesome and be very functional for us.

For one, the yard is very uneven and will need leveling. For two, I’ve laid a majority of the brick down on both sides of the Cottage as walkways, and I really like the look of it. I would have to give up having the paved walkways on each side in order to have enough bricks for the backyard.

I’ve planted the sides of this path with plenty of iris and daylilies. They will grow in strong in the spring!

So the bricks that are in stacks will go to widen pathways and make new ones – all done properly, with an underlayment of landscape fabric and paver sand to help hold the loose bricks in place.

The base of the maple tree is planted with lamb’s ear, hosta, daylilies and some herbs. I think I will wrap the path around it to further accentuate the plantings.

Eventually, I’ll landscape the backyard of Cottage East and lay in a path of bricks from one corner of the yard to the other to get guests from the off-street parking to the back steps of the Cottage.

This new path is twice as wide as the old one. Which is good, because the plants really tend to fill in and block the walkway. I will eventually take this path all the way to the front walkway. I still need to “curve” it a little more.

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