My Inner Writer Geek Has Been Unleashed!

Just look at this beauty!

A couple of weekends ago, I went to an estate sale. A former cleaning client is moving to California and selling an enormous amount of their belongings.

Among the cool collectibles?

A manual Underwood typewriter.

And I got it, of course, because it was a typewriter. Old. Heavier than hell.

And my inner writer geek had a look of starry-eyed wonder over this fascinating piece.

And of course, I can’t just stick it on a table as a conversation piece. Oh no. I had to get a new ribbon for it.

And then figure out how to replace said ribbon.

Which led to finding the information online (of course) because even old typewriter manuals are online.

I am ridiculously pleased with myself. My inner writer geek is practically salivating to write the Great American Novel while pecking away at worn keys.

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