My New Life

Yes, my dad now lives in my front parlor. It was an underused section of our home, so it works out quite well!

I’ve been pretty quiet, but that is because I’m getting used to this new life – one in which I’m the primary caregiver to my dad. It takes up most of my days, between multiple home health visits, to doctor’s appointments, and occasionally I get to escape and go to [drum roll please] clean other people’s houses.

It is…challenging.

So much of what has happened in the past month has unfolded on Facebook, so while it may seem as if I’ve bene remarkably close-mouthed, it has been because I’ve already said it on Facebook, or directly in the new manuscript When God Laughs.

I have to treat this as an opportunity because in many ways it is one. I am tethered here to this house, but I’m also here, near my computer.

The Little Engine That Could is a lesson I learned early in life. One for which my dad is rather grateful he taught me!

Right now, I feel like a short order cook. I’m still on a learning curve as far as cooking for a diabetic diet, which is necessary to deal with my dad’s Type 2 diabetes and my own pre-diabetes. Today I met with a dietitian who helped me get some meal plans going.

I’ve juggled doctor’s visits, applications for Medicaid, and a ton of home health visits. I am also struggling with my own health issues which include plantar fasciitis in my right foot and a recurring spasm running up and down my back. And I’m not lucky enough to have health insurance.

Soon I hope to be back in the swing of things – creating art, gardening (counting the days until spring arrives!), cooking and more.

I’m a big believer in the saying, “When one door closes another one opens.” I also believe in rolling with the punches. Take the situation at hand and make the best of it. Staying here, in my new role as caretaker, allows me to focus on home, writing, and family. And when I look at it that way, a livable pattern emerges which gives me a plan of action.

More writing, more time for home, more cooking adventures, and more time for art and gardening. Watch out, world!

These two make my life really shine. Every day!

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