My Next Refrigerator Will Be Dumb and Non-Magical

Less than two years and you are already broken? Magic Fridge, you SUCK.

Around eighteen months ago, the refrigerator that came with the house began to die. In truth, it had been dying for a year or more before that, but it was finally becoming too much.

And as usually happens, the end came suddenly. So suddenly, and of course right after a grocery shopping trip that had it stocked full, we were desperately in need of a new one.

And folks, I got sucked in, like an idiot. “Look Mom, it’s magic, it has this little door that opens so you can just access milk and salad dressing and such. It saves energy.” My eldest had found it, and Em was right on her heels, admiring it.

“Mama, that’s cool!”

It was very cool. It had an ice maker, water dispenser and that magic door. Press a button and voila, you were saving energy by only accessing a small portion of the fridge. What was there not to like?

And all for the lowest price possible at the Sears Outlet in the East Bottoms – $1100.

So here I am, having bought this damn thing in early October 2015. In January it began dinging. This is the sign that there is a door ajar, but the doors were closed and the seals engaged. Then the water dispenser stopped working, then the freezer warmed up and things becameĀ slushy.

Somehow we fixed it – neither of us remembers how now, no doubt due to the fact we were both under enormous stress with my dad here and him still incredibly ill.

And now it is doing it again.

A few days ago it began to ding. Then yesterday the freezer stopped cooling so well. We have emptied it entirely into our chest freezer, cleaned it out, and cannot figure out WHAT the problem is.

It is now morning and the freezer is WARM and the fridge is barely cooling at all – not a good situation when it will be in the high 80s today and no central air in our house.

The appliance repair man is coming between 12-2 pm to look at it. I’m hoping that all the food inside the fridge is not already ruined.

My next fridge will be dumb, non-magical, and won’t even make ice. I’m cool with using ice trays, I really, really am.

Sometimes technology rocks. But other times? It’s not cool, not at all.

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