Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I’m a list-maker, a goal-setter, and the financial wizard of our little family. And boy oh boy, do I have plans for our properties, now four in total.

They go something like this:

  • Maintain and increase a solid savings account for emergencies
  • Stabilize Cottage East and get codes off our backs (2018)
  • Finish back fence and gates (2018)
  • Install front fence across entire width of property (2019)
  • Finish work on Cottage West and make rent ready (2019-2020)
  • Rent out Cottage West and get to work finishing Cottage East (2020-2021)
  • Rent out Cottage East
  • Upgrade to 200amp & rewire our house (2022)
  • Replace all older windows with energy-efficient windows (2023)
  • Install central a/c (2024)

Yeah, that’s right, central a/c is SIX years away, maybe longer.

Along with those plans comes plenty of hard work and frugal living, and with that in mind, we are heading into our fifth year of no central a/c.

The house is big, and so as summer creeps closer and closer, and with it the dog days of heat and lots of sweating and camping out next to the window units, I had an idea.

In our double rooms, I have curtains that can isolate one of the rooms from the other and conserve the cool in a smaller space. This worked well for us when we numbered three, but with our newest addition, things have to change.

Little Miss needs her room to be temperate as well, so instead of closing doors and running the a/c in the rooms that we occupy, we probably need to somehow enclose the upstairs.

Heat rises, cool settles, and our hallway, with its stairs and high ceilings, and cooled air will just head downstairs instead of going into Dave’s office or Little Miss’s room.

“We need a curtain,” I said. “One that can go across the entire opening but not reach all the way to the ceiling because the hot air needs somewhere to go.”

The real test will come in the height of the summer – but I’m hoping that a/c units strategically placed in Dave’s office and our bedroom (opposite ends of the upstairs) will converge and cool the hallway, bathroom and Little Miss’s room without too much cooling loss down the stairs.

I’ve utilized heavy painter’s tarp here. I think it will do a fair job at keeping the cool air upstairs and the hot air downstairs. Fingers crossed!

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