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‘Round The Deadly Nightshade I’m busy scheming up bigger and better ways to ‘get the news out’ about our garden, permaculture, and organic gardening in general. And this page is intended to hold some links to those bigger and better ways.

For now there is just one link, but I’m darned proud of it nonetheless. You might call it taking lemons and making lemonade – I just call it being practical. When a fifty foot tree fell in our yard during an epic storm with winds in excess of 80 mph, we assessed the situation and called it a win on just about every level. Nearly zero damage, two free trees for a variety of uses, and more space opened up for additional raised beds – an all out victory if you ask me.

But what seems like practicality and common sense is apparently a rare thing these days. Nonetheless, I didn’t mind being on television. Next time, I’ll remember to put on makeup, do my hair and wear nicer clothes…

Storm Damage Interview

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Love this interview! Your positivity and smile lift up my day. Thanks for sharing.

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