Oh For the Love Of…Mulberries?

And that is a story that no one can beat,

When I say that I saw it on Mulberry Street

-Dr. Seuss

We have a ton of trees on our new property.


There is the large maple on the corner, which I adore, despite the thousands of new seedlings I’ve had to pull out of the ground in recent weeks. We would have a maple forest before long if I left them to root into the soil!


And we have two tall cottonwood trees which Dave has taken to referring to as Thing 1 and Thing 2. They play havoc on our allergies (Dave’s been having nonstop headaches recently as the blooms make fluffy cotton snow all over our property) and can’t wait to cut down (besides they are blocking sun to our in-ground crops).


And then there is this aged and twisted tree, which we were planning to cut down, until we realized…


Those are mulberries!

We are constantly discovering “treasure” in our house and garden. Most of it lies in the dirt – handmade marbles, cast iron tools, pottery, you name it. But this twisted tree is a treasure of the living kind.


As we showed the yard to our new neighbors (a wonderful couple who live a few blocks away on 7th) we realized that next to the “old lady house” (the house has been vacant for years after its occupant went to a nursing home and is boarded up and listing to one side) were three slender trees that were also unmistakably mulberries. I hope that, when that house is torn down at some unknown point in the future, that the trees, which are right against the house, will not be damaged.

Mulberries [happy sigh] … mulberry mead, anyone?!

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