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Cottage West – July 2017

I was looking up an old photo of how Cottage West looked back when we first bought it. To say that there have been a few changes since then is an understatement.

Cottage West – July 2014 You couldn’t even see the front! We had to tear out the old columns along with the porch and re-do it all.

It made me realize just how much we have done which puts into perspective the tasks remaining.

A new porch, new paint job, new windows and new roof go well with a landscaped yard full of flowers. We still have a few parts to paint, but it is looking sooo much better!

Along with that, I took a few more pictures.

This shot really conveys the amount of space between our house and Cottage West. Keep in mind, there were THREE houses in between back in the day. It is such a shame they didn’t have someone to love and care for them. If they had, they would still be standing and I wouldn’t have the massive yard that I do, but still…

Call it a July 2017 State of the Union portrayed in images.

As shocking as it might sound, I may need to just return this garden (outlined in white poles) to grass for a while. We have a LOT to do with renovations in the next two years. After that, I can consider having a food garden again. Albeit a smaller one!

It isn’t perfect.

That’s not an apple – that’s an Asian pear and they are coming in STRONG this year.

Not by a long shot.

The daylilies love this spot in the front.

Look close enough and you will find weeds.

I finally found enough hanging baskets at IKEA at a decent price to populate all the hooks around the entire porch.


The front yard has become my breeding ground and “go to” spot for transplanting flowers out of into other parts of the yard.

But it looks, at least to me, a heck of a sight better than just plain grass. I’ll tame it eventually, I know I will.

The herb garden with horseradish along the front

Or else the gardeners I am eventually able to hire will tame it!

The rains sure helped resuscitate all of the transplants I put into the side yard of Cottage East.

Oh Cottage East, you are going to be so much work! But you are worth it!


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